Dog Tick Season - How to identify and prevent ticks!

Do you know how to identify and prevent ticks or the symptoms of tick paralysis?

Shaping up to be a hot and humid Australian summer, ticks are getting under the skin of our furry friends much earlier this year. Unique to Australia, Paralysis ticks are most commonly found on the east coast in bushland and it is important to be on alert for these potentially deadly parasites.

Here are some helpful tips and facts to get you through tick season 2013!

How to identify a tick
Because of their small size, it can be difficult to identify different ticks.
There are some physical differences including shape and colouring as seen here:

How to prevent ticks:
Daily Checks: The best prevention is to search your pet by walking your fingers through their coats each day, especially if you live in a tick-prone area. Remember to check inside the ears, around the lips, under the armpits and between the paws. 
Summer Clip: Get your dogs coat cut short for summer! Don’t worry about them feeling naked, short is fashionable and it’s one of the easiest prevention methods. You can book your pooch in for a clip at your nearest Dogue Grooming Salon!
Wash in tick repellent: When bath time comes, the Bone and Soul tick repellent range uses essential oils specially designed to repel fleas and ticks naturally.
Use a Tick Collar: This Preventic tick collar offers protection for up to 2 months and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.
Avoid: taking your dog for walks in bush areas and tall grasses and keep your backyard lawns short.

Symptoms of a Paralysis Tick:
If you notice any of the following symptoms in your dog take them to the vet immediately.
- Wobbliness and weakness in the back legs, progressing to the front legs
- Vomiting
- Loss of appetite
- Difficulty breathing
- A change in your dogs bark
- Excessive salivation/drooling

How to safely remove a tick:
We recommend using the Tick Twister for safe and easy removal of ticks.

  1. Simply hold the handle between your thumb and index finger and slide the fork end toward the tick until it is caught between the prongs.
  2. Lift the tool lightly and rotate in either direction 2-3 times. You will feel when the tick has released its mouth and it is safe to pull up on the tick and tick twister.
  3. Dab some disinfectant on your dog on the bitten area, being extremely careful if you’re around your dog’s eyes.
  4. Kill the tick by placing it in alcohol and then place it in a resealable plastic bag, so that your vet can identify the species.

If you do find a tick, remove it immediately and take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Remember to also continue to search for more ticks as some dogs can be infested with many ticks at one time.

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Woofs and Wags!

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Comments (16) -

Diesel says

Luckily ive never had a tick but my mama always makes sure she doesn't walk me in the bushland! We go to the beach instead Smile

Diesel | Reply

Chantelle smith says

After a walk my dogs lay down for their doggie massages and I check every inch of them. The love it I say time for massage and they plop down in front of me. It is also a great time for bonding.

Chantelle smith | Reply

shanine says

I use Frontline for my corgi Jack - works like a treat in WA because of the heat!!

shanine | Reply

Mel says

Everyday with a fine tooth comb I check if today is the day there is a needle in the haystack of my huskies hair - no option to clip for me!

Mel | Reply

Karen English says

I check my dog over everyday, as her head and the front of her chest are the main areas that the ticks attach to, plus I also spray her with a diluted solution of Permoxin that my local vet recommended as the Northern Rivers area has the worst cases of ticks in Australia. But luckily my dog is mainly inside so she only gets a few every now and then.

Karen English | Reply

Denise Rotherham says

We have 3 fur babes.  The middle one, Charlie, came from Dogue 7 years ago now. They are clipped to resemble fuzzy peaches and all get cuddles each evening. Whilst cuddling they are checked thoroughly for ticks, ear mites, etc. - they love it! It is definitely our bonding time.

Denise Rotherham | Reply

Janelle says

We live in the bush and have a resident bandicoot. We have to use a tick collar and keep a close eye for any of these wretched beasts. This tool looks amazing for pooches and the 2 legged family too.

Janelle | Reply

Gulliver says

Woof Janelle!

A big paw-shake and congratulations to you! You are the lucky winner of this week's FREEBIE - the Tick Twister! If you could send us an email to with your mailing address, we will send out your prize on Monday.

We hope this tool will help keep your furry family tick safe this spring and summer!

Licks and Sniffs!

Gulliver | Reply

Adele Smith says

Use Advantix and keep  her well clipped for easy checking and to keep cool.

Adele Smith | Reply

Charisse Childs says

I have border collies, so every summer we shave them (easier to see ticks) run our hands over them at least once every day and of course they have a tick collar. I hate ticks, especially trying to pull them out!

Charisse Childs | Reply

Emily Schmidt says

My dog wears a Pawtect pendant which prevents ticks and fleas and i check him over a few times a week! So far, so good... this product is awesome tho, as i've always wondered what i would do if i ever saw one on him!!!

Emily Schmidt | Reply

Christine smith says

We use frontline on Bo and constantly check him,we are lucky where we live as ticks are not common,but they thrive we're we go on holidays ,so we have a constant  supply

Christine smith | Reply

Bridget Toofar says

To protect my precious Aleu, (my 11 month old border collie)we use Advantix so we can be confident that the ticks avoid her. I undoubtedly trust Advantix which has no side effects whatsoever, so I go to sleep at night with no stress  because my family and I, know our pup is protected. We also give Aleu unlimited love which makes her feel protected, safe and happy which also makes us happy. Happiness is a warm puppy!

Bridget Toofar | Reply

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