Dogs reduce work stress!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

A recent article in Time Magazine has published a study which concludes that if your human takes you along to work with them everyday, they will be two times less stressed than their average non-pet coworkers! Now this is something to bark about (and something to tell your human's boss).

The theory suggests that having a pet around at the office can not only keep cortisol levels low, it can also strengthen a humans relationship with their work colleagues, their company and their dedication to the job. Having animals around can literally be a buffer to stressful outcomes and may help individuals cope much more effectively with situations that can cause pressure in the workplace.

Studies in the past have already proven that coexisting with mutts like us can lead to better health overall with benefits such as lower blood pressure, faster recovery from surgery and even an improvement in depression. Taking us to work with you just builds on this theory that a calm, stress-free human will be a better employee overall.

So the next time you humans are rushing out to a jam-packed day at the office, don't forget to grab the lead and take us with you!


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