Lupo’s Royally Paw-fect life!

dogPrince William adores his wife Kate, of course, but there’s another dark-haired beauty in his life and if you don’t know who I’m barking about, you should!

Introducing Lupo! This little fella is the royal pooch of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple adopted the black cocker spaniel puppy earlier this year and he’s been pawing his way into their hearts ever since!

Lupo’s definitely got all my doggie pals barking crazy over him at the water bowl these days! We’re drooling at the thought of his royally paw-fect life. The little pooch was snapped getting smooches by his prince at a polo match in England where Prince William was overheard telling a fan that; “Lupo is at that stage where he is chewing everything. If you leave him for five minutes, he’ll chew up all the furniture” Well that’s certainly got me jealous, gnawing on something that expensive is stuff us dogs can only dream of – and when he's not getting three walks a day, grabbing attention and getting kisses on the polo field, Lupo is strolling England's beaches with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It sounds like Lupo is living the royally paw-fect dog’s life in England, I guess that’s what happens when your parents are royalty!


I’d go nuts for a chance to romp with this pooch and share a biscuit at the dog park. Who knows? If I ever go to England I might get snapped by the paw-parazzi and get a smooch from Prince William himself! Here’s Wishing!

Woofs & Wags,


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