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DOOG Foldable Dog Water Bowl

DOOG Foldable Dog Water Bowl

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Attention all dog owners! Check out this unique, innovative and easy to use dog bowl, the perfect new addition to your travel and walking routines. If you are tired of carrying bulky and heavy travel bowls for your pooch while out and about, this is the product for you! 


This foldable dog bowl is made of food-grade silicone, making it safe and super easy to clean. It is easily foldable, and the perfect size to fit into your bag or even just into your pocket. Compact and easy to transport, this foldable dog bowl is sure to impress. Your pooch deserves the best and with this convenient travel dog bowl, they are sure to get it. Ingeniously designed, innovatively made and the perfect addition to you and your pups outings, you will love this DOOG foldable dog bowl. Look after your pooch and explore the features of DOOG's greatest invention today, shop now at DOGUE.

  • Made out of food-grade silicone.
  • Safe and easy to clean.
  • Easily foldable, and can fit into your bag or pocket.
  • Super convenient to carry on your walks or travels.
  • Open up, fold the corners out into a 'box' shape, clip together and fill with water. 
  • Non-leaking and perfect for daily outings. 
  • Has black outside and blue inside.

You and your pup will love the convenience of this amazing DOOG foldable dog water bowl, the greatest new addition to have on your pooches daily outings.

Simply whip your new foldable dog bowl out of your bag, open it up and fold the corners in. Clip in the corners to make the perfectly sized dog bowl. Fill with water and you are good to go! You and your pup will love this innovative new design. 


  • 12cm in diameter. 
  • When folder, this bowl is 5-7cm in diameter. 
  • Weighs around 30 grams.