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FurFresh Skin Meal Booster 200g

FurFresh Skin Meal Booster 200g

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Introducing FurFresh Skin Meal Booster 200g – The Ultimate Pet Meal Booster for  Healthy Skin and a Radiant Coat!

Is your pet suffering from dry, itchy skin or a dull coat? Give them the gift of FurFresh Skin Meal Booster! Specifically formulated with a blend of 100% Human Grade ingredients, this meal booster is designed to soothe your pet's skin and promote a lustrous and healthy coat. Say goodbye to skin woes and hello to a vibrant and shiny fur!

Your pup's skin health is crucial for their overall well-being, that's why this innovative meal booster, infused with skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory turmeric, lipid boosting MCT from coconut oil and Australia Manuka Honey with anti-bacterial properties is the perfect choice! By simply adding a sprinkle of FurFresh Skin Meal Booster to your pet's food, you can help address skin issues from within and restore their coat's natural radiance.

FurFresh Skin Meal Booster is a cat and dog food supplement with carefully selected natural ingredients that are well researched to support a healthy coat, healthy skin function and soothe irritated skin.  Your pet will be turning heads with their shiny, luxurious fur!

100% Human Grade Ingredients:

  • Turmeric
  • MCT Oil Powder
  • Australian Manuka Honey Powder

Feeding Guide and Dosage:

As a meal topper, sprinkle FurFresh Skin Meal Booster over wet food or mix with a little warm water into a paste and form into moulds or add as a teaspoon.

Can also be applied topically when mixed with warm water. Note: turmeric is a natural dye and may stain fur, clothing and furniture.

  • Kittens = 1g/day 
  • Cats & Dogs <5kg = 1g-2g/day 
  • Dogs 5-15kg = 3g/day
  • Dogs 15-25kg = 4g/day 
  • Dogs 25kg+ = 4g-6g/day

In addition to its skin-nourishing properties, FurFresh Skin Meal Booster is also an excellent choice for pets with allergies or sensitivities. The gentle ingredients in this formula can help alleviate itching and reduce redness, providing relief for pets with sensitive skin. Your furry friend will thank you for the soothing comfort this meal booster offers.

So, why wait? Give your pet the gift of a healthy and radiant coat with FurFresh Skin Meal Booster. Say goodbye to dry skin and dull fur, and hello to a vibrant and glossy coat. Order your 200g jar today and witness the transformative power of healthy skin and a beautiful coat!