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Gentle Dog Ear Cleaner 120ml

Gentle Dog Ear Cleaner 120ml

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The PAW Blackmores Gentle Dog Ear Cleaner is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a safe and effective way to keep their pooches ears clean and healthy.

This ear cleaner is specially formulated to effectively remove dirt, wax, and any debris from your pups ears, while also soothing and moisturizing their delicate ear canal. The great thing about PAW Gentle Ear Cleaner is its gentle formula, made with your pups safety and health in mind. This Dog Ear Cleaner is also free from any harsh chemicals and irritants that could cause discomfort to your pups ears. 

  • A gentle and non irritant gentle ear cleaner. 
  • Softens, dissolves and removes any excess wax, dirt or debris from your pups ears. 
  • Contains no alcohol, irritants or harsh chemicals. 
  • Reduces discomfort when cleaning. 
  • Reduces ear odours. 
  • Contains natural, soothing ingredients. 
  • For dogs and cats of all ages. 

The PAW Blackmores Gentle Dog Ear Cleaner is very easy to use. Simply apply a small amount of the gentle ear cleaner to a cotton ball or pad, and then gently wipe the inside of your pooches ear. The gently designed formula will help to loosen and remove dirt and wax, ensuring that your dog's ears are clean, fresh and healthy. The product has a great ability to soothe and moisturize and will help to calm irritated skin. This is a great choice for the owners who have pooches with dry or sensitive ears. 


Purified water, glycerin (vegetable), surfactants, panthenol, preservative, sodium gluconate, sodium citrate, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolysed oats, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citrus orange oil, piroctone olamine, mandarin orange peel.

Important Note! 

  • Make sure to consult your veterinarian if your pet is showing signs of an active ear infection, including discharge, pain or scratching ears.
  • Requires only once per week maintenance to create a health ear environment.