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KONG Holiday Tropic Santa Cat Toy

KONG Holiday Tropic Santa Cat Toy

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Introducing the KONG Holiday Cat Tropics Santa, the purr-fect holiday companion for your feline friend!

This festive and charming cat toy brings the holiday spirit to your cat's playtime, offering endless fun and excitement.

The KONG Holiday Cat Tropics Santa features a delightful Santa Claus design with a tropical twist. Santa is dressed in his beach attire, complete with sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt and grassy skirt, adding a touch of humour to the holiday season. Crafted with attention to detail and vibrant colours, this toy is designed to captivate your cat's curiosity.

  • Festive design
  • Soft material
  • Naturally enticing to your cat 
  • Two toys 

What makes this toy special is its interactive nature. It includes a built-in crinkle which is  irresistible to cats. The crinkling sound and the enticing scent of catnip will keep your feline friend engaged and entertained for hours.

Safety is a top priority, and this toy reflects that commitment. It is made from high-quality, pet-safe materials, ensuring it is both durable and gentle on your cat's paws and teeth.

The KONG Holiday Cat Tropics Santa isn't just a toy; it's a source of joy and laughter during the holiday season. Share the holiday spirit with your cat and order this delightful toy today. It's the ideal way to make your cat's holidays merry and bright!