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KONG Puppy Wubba Dog Toy

KONG Puppy Wubba Dog Toy

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The KONG Puppy Wubba: Your Pup's Perfect Playtime Companion

Introducing the ultimate playtime pal for your furry friend - the KONG Puppy Wubba! Tailored to meet the needs of growing puppies and their inherent desire for interactive fun, this innovative dog toy promises hours of joyful engagement while supporting your pup's developmental stages.

  • A fun interactive toss and tug toy
  • Strong reinforced nylon fabric and stitching covers two balls — a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath
  • The top ball is firm, and the larger bottom ball can be squeezed
  • The long floppy tails give multiple grip points for shaking, and make it easy to throw for games of fetch
  • Dogs love to shake the floppy tails back and forth
  • Not meant to be used for excessive chew sessions 

Enrich your puppy's early years with the stimulating and engaging KONG Puppy Wubba. As your pup explores, learns, and grows, this dynamic dog toy evolves alongside them, promising a tail-wagging good time while supporting their physical and cognitive development. Let the KONG Puppy Wubba be more than a toy – let it be a source of joy, learning, and companionship for your beloved furry family member.

Safety is paramount, and the KONG Puppy Wubba prioritises it. The reinforced fabric and stitching ensure that the toy can withstand even the most enthusiastic play, avoiding any potential choking hazards. Its squishy body makes for easy gripping, promoting your pup's motor skill development as they pounce, toss, and carry their newfound playmate. Its vibrant colour makes it easily locatable, even in the most enthusiastic play scenarios. Its sturdy nylon tails not only make it an exciting tug-of-war partner but also an excellent tool for teaching your pup essential obedience commands.