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KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy

KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy

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Introducing the KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy – a furry friend's dream come true, designed to bring joy, entertainment, and a touch of the wild into your pup's playtime routine. 

Crafted with KONG's renowned quality and innovation, this adorable and interactive toy promises endless hours of tail-wagging fun.

The KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy is not your average plaything – it's a gateway to exciting adventures for your canine companion. Its realistic and charming squirrel design, complete with crinkly textures and vibrant colours, instantly captures your dog's attention, invoking their natural instincts to explore, chew, and engage.

Embedded within this plush and lovable squirrel is a unique internal knotted rope. This ingenious feature provides satisfying chewing resistance, delivering the delightful sensation dogs love while promoting dental health and cleaning their teeth as they play. Whether your pup is a gentle chewer or a playful power player, this toy is crafted to withstand their enthusiastic interactions.

  • Stuffing free for less mess
  • Stretchy sides create realistic movement 
  • Internal knots satisfy natural instincts 

The KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy isn't just about physical play – it's a catalyst for mental stimulation and interactive bonding. Toss it, tug it, or simply let your pup snuggle up for comforting cuddles. The internal squeaker adds an element of surprise, rewarding your furry friend with an amusing squeak that enhances the play experience.

Safety and durability are paramount, and the KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy delivers on both fronts. Constructed from high-quality materials that have been rigorously tested, this toy provides a worry-free playtime experience for both you and your loyal companion.

Elevate playtime to new heights of excitement with the KONG Scrunch Knots Squirrel Chew Dog Toy. Treat your pup to an enriching and engaging experience that satisfies their natural instincts and keeps their tail wagging with delight. Order now and watch as your dog's playtime transforms into an unforgettable adventure!