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Mutt Milk Plush Strawberry Dog Toy

Mutt Milk Plush Strawberry Dog Toy

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Introducing the Mutt Milk Plush Strawberry Dog Toy – a berry special treat for your furry friend's playtime! 

This dog plush strawberry milk is a cute and fun new toy for your pup to enjoy! With a built in squeaker and durable material, this toy is bound to bring hours of excitement!


Your furry friends will love our super plush Mutt Strawberry Milk Plush Toy! Our super soft premium plush design features a highly durable embroidered design and built-in squeaker for interactive fun- designed to be a companion toy for your furry friend!


Are you looking for a fun and unique dog toy for your pup? Look no further than this chocolate milk dog toy. Made from durable, embroidered material, this dog toy is a great addition to your pup's toy box. With a built in squeaker, your pooch is sure to have a great time playing for hours with their new plush toy that won't break with even the toughest of chewers.


Keeping your dog entertained with dog toys and enrichment activities is very important for maintaining their cognitive health and improving behaviour. Give your dog a break from training with a plush strawberry milk dog toy from DOGUE today! Playing with toys can help reduce a dog's stress and anxiety levels, particularly if they are left alone for extended periods of time. Additionally, by providing dogs with appropriate toys, owners can redirect destructive chewing and other unwanted behaviors, and strengthen the bond between themselves and their pets through interactive play. Dog toys can also help promote good dental hygiene by cleaning teeth and gums as dogs chew and play.

    • 12cm x 12cm x 22cm
    • Super Soft Premium Plush Material
    • Highly Durable Embroidered Design
    • Built-In Squeaker

Made from the most durable materials, this dog toy is perfect for your pooch! Give them the playtime of a lifetime with the Mutt Strawberry Milk Plush from DOGUE!