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Sausage Chain of 4 Snags Dog Toy

Sausage Chain of 4 Snags Dog Toy

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Introducing the Sausage Chain Dog Toy - a great new addition to your pooches toy box! 

Your pup will love this unique and fun new dog toy. This all new dog toy features four of every pups favourite - sausages! Connected with durable rope which can help to satisfy your furry friends chewing needs. Rope is also a great way to help dental hygiene, by promoting health teeth and gums. The rope and sausage materials will make for a satisfying and interactive dog toy that is sure to keep your pooch entertained for hours on end. The Sausage Chain Dog Toy will be great for chewing, playing, throwing, fetching and even for snuggling down with after a long day of play! Simply toss your dogs new dog toy and they can shake it around for ages. 

  • Features four snags.  
  • Sausages mjade with rubber.
  • Designed with durable rope for chewing. 
  • Great for fetching and playing. 

Your pooch will adore this brand new Sausage Chain Dog Toy, and is sure to be kept entertained with this unique item. Spoil your pup today with this new dog toy! Shop the rest of our great collection of dog toys and find the one best suited to your pup. 


  • 60cm in length.