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Tricky Treats Dog Treat Dispenser

Tricky Treats Dog Treat Dispenser

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Introducing Tricky Treats Dog Treat Dispenser, the ultimate solution to keep your furry companion entertained and happy even when you're away!

Engineered with innovation, Tricky Treats stands as the world's first automatic toy and treat dispenser, ensuring positive play experiences for your beloved pet throughout the day.

Say goodbye to worrying about your furry friend's boredom or loneliness with Tricky Treats. This device mounts seamlessly on your wall, whether indoors or outdoors, holding a variety of fun toys and tasty treats within its dispenser. Set your preferred times, and watch as Tricky Treats automatically releases surprises at scheduled intervals, providing endless amusement for your pet.


  • Delivers surprises every day, enriching your home and pup with fun toys and treats
  • Helps reduce your pet's separation anxiety by providing positive engagement and distraction
  • Keeps your pet focused on Tricky Treats, minimizing behaviours like digging, barking, or chewing
  • Reduces guilt and ensures your pet is happily occupied

    What sets Tricky Treats apart is its customisable features. Tailor the selection of toys and treats to match your pet's preferences, ensuring each surprise is a delight. But the innovation doesn't stop there – with its built-in audio feature, Tricky Treats will even call out to your dog with a pre-recorded message from you, prompting them to come and fetch their well-deserved reward!

    Don't let your furry mate wait any longer – bring home this ingenious Aussie invention today and witness the joy it brings to your pet's life. Experience peace of mind knowing that Tricky Treats is there to keep your furry friend entertained and happy, even in your absence.