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ZippyPaws Burrow Elk Mountain Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Elk Mountain Dog Toy

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Introducing the ZippyPaws Large Burrow Elk Mountain Dog Toy, a rugged and adventurous addition to your pup's playtime!

This interactive toy brings the great outdoors to your living room, offering your furry friend a taste of the wild.

The Burrow Elk Mountain features a plush mountain-shaped base with three squeaky elk toys that fit perfectly inside. It's a clever puzzle toy that taps into your dog's instincts to dig, sniff, and search for hidden treasures. Not only does this provide mental stimulation, but it also offers physical exercise.

Safety and durability are top priorities at ZippyPaws, and this toy reflects that commitment. Crafted from high-quality, pet-safe materials, it's gentle on your dog's mouth while ensuring long-lasting durability. The squeaky elks add an extra layer of excitement, making this toy perfect for games of fetch, tug-of-war, and solo play.

But this toy isn't just about play; it's an opportunity for bonding. Share moments of joy with your furry friend as you engage in interactive play. Whether you're tossing it for a game of fetch or watching your dog explore and enjoy solo playtime, this toy will become a cherished part of your dog's daily routine.

The Burrow Elk Mountain Dog Toy also provides mental stimulation, helping to keep your dog's mind sharp and engaged. It's an excellent way to alleviate boredom and reduce stress, ensuring your dog has a happy and healthy playtime.

Let your pup embark on a wilderness adventure with the ZippyPaws Burrow Elk Mountain Dog Toy. Order one today and watch your dog enjoy hours of rugged fun and entertainment. It's the perfect way to satisfy your dog's craving for adventure and create lasting memories together.

Squeaker: 1 round squeaker in each elk 

Burrow Size: 25.5cm x 23cm x 18cm