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ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy

ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy

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Introducing the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy: A Fiesta of Feline Fun!

Indulge your feline friend's playful cravings with the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy – a tantalizing duo that brings the zest of a fiesta right to your cat's paws.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a dash of whimsy, these delectable toys are more than just entertainment; they're a gateway to a world of excitement, mental stimulation, and quality bonding moments.

Each set features two irresistible toys: a taco and a burrito, each adorned with vibrant colours, playful textures, and embroidered accents that mimic the savoury, mouth-watering appearance of their human counterparts. Including a shiny wrapped burrito and a frilly layered taco.

Watch as your cat pounces, swats, and bats at these enticing creations, their natural instincts fully engaged in an adorable culinary adventure.

Designed with durability in mind, the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy is constructed from high-quality, pet-safe materials that stand up to vigorous play. Whether your cat is chomping down on the taco's frilly layers or wrestling with the burrito's crinkly wrapper, you can rest assured that these toys are built to last, delivering endless entertainment day after day.

But it's not just about play – it's about the bond you share with your furry companion. Use these toys to engage in interactive play sessions, igniting your cat's senses and fostering a deeper connection. Toss the taco for a game of fetch or dangle the burrito's strings for an exciting round of chase, all while creating cherished memories that bring you closer together.

Beyond the physical fun, the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy provides mental stimulation. The combination of textures, crinkles, and dangling elements keeps your cat's mind engaged, promoting cognitive health and preventing boredom, especially during solo playtime.

Treat your beloved cat to the ultimate fiesta of fun with the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy. Add a dash of playfulness, a sprinkle of mental stimulation, and a whole lot of bonding to your cat's routine. Order now and let the fiesta begin!

Toy Size (each): 10cm x 6cm x 2.5cm

Catnip: 2 grams per toy