Dog Winter Coat Care

Brrrr Winter is upon us, and while it brings cosy snuggles and frosty walks in the park, it also means our furry friends need extra TLC!

During the chilly winter months, it is even more important to take care of your dog’s coat as the cold weather often stimulates hair growth which can result in matting and skin problems.

These simple grooming tips will help keep your dog’s coat healthy during Winter!

1. Brush Away the Blues
Regular brushing isn't just for humans—our pups need it too! Grab the right brush for your pooch and give their coat some love. This helps distribute those essential natural oils to keep their fur soft and snuggly. We recommend the Kong ZoomGroom.

2. Paw-some Protection
Like their skin, dogs’ paws can also become dry in the cold. Treating them to a healing and moisturising repair balm is the paw-fect solution to prevent cracked paws and dry noses. Our DOGUE Repair Balm is like a luxurious spa day for their paws, infused with organic beeswax and essential oils to keep them feeling paw-sitively fabulous!

3. Bath Time Bliss
Time for a sudsy session! But remember, don't over do it - too many baths can strip away precious natural oils from your pup's skin. Opt for moisturising shampoos like our Gentle Coconut Range or soothing Neem Collection to keep their skin happy and hydrated.

For quick freshen-ups between baths, a Waterless shampoo or spritz of moisturising cologne will do the trick!

Explore our full range of grooming products here.

4. Dry and Fly
After outdoor activities in cold weather, make sure to dry your dog's fur thoroughly. Moisture trapped in their coat can lead to skin irritation! Towel dry or use a blow dryer (on low heat). To shield your dog from rainy-day blues, why not explore our fabulous Dog Raincoats.

5. Nail the Look
Winter might mean less running around for our furry pals, so make sure to keep those nails in tip-top shape with regular trims to avoid any discomfort or paw problems. Not feeling confident? Swing by your local DOGUE Boutique for a professional touch!

Keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or unusual changes in your dog's behaviour or skin. If something seems off, don't hesitate to bark up the vet's tree for some expert advice.

Here's to a winter full of wagging tails and happy, healthy pups!

For more tips chat to our friendly team at your local DOGUE!

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