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DOGUE Cover Dog 2023

DOGUE Cover Dog 2023 Recap

Prepare to be swept away by an overload of cuteness! Over the last few weeks, we have been hosting our pawsome DOGUE 2023 Cover Dog search, and oh my woof, we have seen absolute stars! Adorable canines from all corners of Australia graced us with their precious photos, showcasing why they are the paw-fect fit for the DOGUE Cover Dog title. Pooches were judged on their attitude, creativity, pose and star power. To enter pooches donated to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk and we are so proud of the funds raised.

So, without further ado, let's dive into cuteness overload and recap the search for our 2023 DOGUE Cover Dog.

Round 1

On April 26 the competition opened, dogs used the hashtag #DOGUECoverDog and we were amazed by the variety of pooches who entered. Each dog showed off charisma and charm, and the photos radiated cuteness. We could not stop smiling!

Round 2

On May 15th the first round of judges met and decided on the 12 pooches that would go through to the second round (it was not an easy task). The finalists were Lacey, George, Pudding, Hank, Lewis, Pedro, Tilly, Bambi, Noodle, Basile, Betty and Buster. It was now time for them to showcase themselves strutting the “dog” walk to take it to the next level.

Pooches Choice Voting

Cover Dog Pooches Choice Award

Pooches’ choice award voting opens May 22nd , a chance for everyone to have a say in the model of their choice. All entries were judged and with over 1000 votes the race to #1 was so close!

Judging Begins

On the 26th of May It was time for our expert panel of judges to start the process of deciding who will be the DOGUE 2023 Cover Dog. We are so grateful to have had 8 fabulous, and experienced pooches on the committee. Check out our Instagram to meet the whole panel consisting of Monty (bichon), Dash (dachshund), Molly (corgi), Miss Dior (mini maltese), Bailey (cavoodle), Coco (cavoodle), Gomez (Labrador) and Lexie (bulldog).

Cover Dog Guest Judges

Winner Announced!

The moment you have all been waiting for, on the 31st of May the votes were counted, and the decision was made on the pooches with the most star power. Be prepared to be swept away by their irresistible charm:

Basile the Dachshund

Winner of the Cover Dog Comp

Basile took first place as a DOGUE Cover Dog with his irresistible charm, impeccable style, and the ability to strike the perfect pose. He will be a vision with $1000 worth of DOGUE Exclusives. Watch Basile’s video here.

Hank the Corgi

Second Place Cover Dog 2023

Runner up Hank the Corgi had attitude and rocked the dog walk with his corgi strut. His humour, charisma and cuteness has him taking home $500 worth of DOGUE Exclusives. Watch Hank rock the runway here.

Betty the Spaniel

Cover Dog Third Place
In third place Betty was a vision. Her style and effortless elegance melted our hearts. Just look at those eyes! Betty will be celebrating with a $250 worth of DOGUE Exclusives. Watch her video here.

Lewis the Cavoodle

Pooches Choice Award Lewis

The pooches have barked, and Lewis took home pooches choice award! His adorable smile and charisma has him celebrating with $250 worth of DOGUE Exclusives. Check his gorgeous video here.

We had the best time and a BIG thank you to all the pooches who got involved!


Licks and Sniffs,

The DOGUE Team xoxo


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