The Perfect Valentines Day Picnic

A walk and a picnic are among the most popular date ideas, and it's also a classic for all pet owners. Therefore, you can cater to both yourself and your furry friend. Our guide is here to ensure your date is a barkin' success with the picnic essentials. Let's make fetch happen, because love is a walk in the park, literally!

Step 1: Safety First

Ensure your furry companion stays safe and sound during your adventures with the new, cutting edge Pet Tag – an absolute essential for every pet owner!

Step 2: "Don't be that person"

Don't be that person who leaves their pet's poop for others to clean up. It's a major red flag! Instead, grab some compostable poop bags and pack them in your bag. Plus, you'll be doing your part for the environment!


Step 3: Refreshments

Staying hydrated is key to an enjoyable outing. That's why we've created a pop-up bowl to help you quench your thirst on the go.

Step 4: Treats, treats, treats!

Keep the love soaring high by treating your taste buds to our delightful new chicken treats, because just like hydration, indulging in scrumptious flavours is absolutely essential.

Step 5: A rug

How are you meant to enjoy your picnic if you don't have something to sit on? Keep comfy in the gingham blanket

Step 6: Safety first

Anything can happen while you are on the go, so make sure to pack a repair balm in if there is any medical emergency. It's size means you can put it anywhere!


Step 7: A bag to hold it in

If you are on the go, at this point a romantic walk, put all your essentials in a bum bag.

Discover the simplicity of romance – it doesn't need to be complicated, especially when sharing it with your furry friend on a delightful doggy date.

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