Behind the brand: SavourLife

Behind the brand: SavourLife

Buy treats your dog will love -  and help dogs in need

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SavourLife is a family-owned, Australian company, that decided to produce not only premium treats for dogs, but to donate 50% of profits to pet rescue organisations, helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.

DOGUE went behind the brand with SavourLife and interviewed founder Michael McTeigue to get the low-down on their food philosophy and to discover why their treats are so popular and DELICIOUS.
D: How different are the nutritional needs of various canine breeds?

S: Nutritional needs of various breeds can vary dramatically.  If you think about it their weight, daily activity level, size, health and age, as well as their breed, are all things that require us to look at closely at our best friends nutritional needs.  A working dog will have a much different food and nutritional profile to a pampered pooch enjoying a sunbake in the backyard for most of the day!  There should not be a one size fits all approach, but we always recommend feeding your buddy high-quality, Australian protein sources.  Always talk to your vet and the helpful staff at DOGUE for what’s right for your pooch.

D: What is your brand’s approach/philosophy to nutrition?

S: At SavourLife we have a fairly simple approach to nutrition.  We focus on natural.  We focus on Australian sourced ingredients, always using real Australian meat.  We make our products to be the best tasting, but also the healthiest Australian-made treats you can find.  We focus on getting the right balance of all the good stuff like proteins and Omega 3&6, with getting the yummy tastes dog’s love.
D: What are some of the common issues that result from poor diet?

S: The saying 'you are what you eat' is very, very true.  Much like us humans, if your buddy is not fed high-quality food, and just as importantly, not getting the right amount of exercise; it can cause a myriad of health issues.  Your dog could suffer from a number of problems, including allergies, malnutrition, skin and coat problems, pancreatitis and obesity to name a few. Nutrition-related problems can affect any dog, no matter the size.  Make sure your dog’s food and treats include a well-rounded nutritional profile, are as natural as possible, and added extras like the fish oil in our Australian Strips Range can make for a happy and healthy pooch.
SavourLifeD: How important is flavour in a canine diet – do dogs really have preferences to different flavours i.e. chicken, beef…

S: A very interesting one!  There are some studies that say dogs don’t have a preference; they obviously have not been to my place when I crack out our Australian Kangaroo Strips for my lab, Buddy!  Our Tripawd, Missy, she loves the Australian Chicken Strips.  While it’s true that dogs have less taste buds than us humans, I am a firm believer that dogs do have a preference when it comes to flavours.  Food is an important part of a dog’s life and we believe that it’s very important to get products your dog loves so that he’s as happy, as he is healthy.
D: How important is variety in a canine diet…should you mix it up a bit so they don’t get bored?

S: This would depend on what kind of things you are trying to change.  With their complete food, that you feed your dog each morning and night, it’s important that you transition gradually from one product or flavour to another.  There will usually be recommendation guidelines on the pack for that transition.  If you change too quickly it may cause upset tummies and other issues, so be careful.  For treats, managing a change between flavours isn't as important, as they should represent a lower percentage of your dog’s daily food in-take.  Just try and keep to treats that are as natural as possible.  So you could mix and match every day; say our Australian Liver Strips and Australian Beef Strips one day and Kangaroo on the next.  You can keep that part varying so that your pooch gets some interesting new flavours on a regular basis.  And always talk with your vet about what‘s right for your dog!

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