DIY Outdoor Dog Toys

DIY Outdoor Dog Toys

DIY Outdoor Dog Toys

With these simple and effective DIY dog toys, your backyard will be transformed into the ultimate doggy playground, all your mates will want to ditch the dog park and head to your place!


1. DIY Puzzle Toy!

What you need: one old tennis ball & treats.

  • Cut a hole in the ball (Make the hole smaller or larger to change the difficulty level)

  • Place the treats inside the ball and watch as your pup trys to get them out


2. DIY Tug Toy!

What you need: a tennis ball & an old T-Shirt.

  • Cut the Shirt in three parts, knot them together and braid them

  • Swipe the braided band through the holes of the tennis ball and make a second knot on the other end

  • Toss it, tug it, whatever your pup wants!


3. DIY Water Bottle & Sock Toy!

What you need: plastic bottle & an old sock.

  • Place the plastic bottle into the sock and knot the sock together

  • Let the fun begin and watch as Fido discovers those crinkly sounds


4. DIY Denim Knot!

What you need: a pair of old jeans

  • Grab a pair of scissors and cut long strips from your jeans then simply tie a knot

  • Prepare yourself for some serious doggie drooling.


5. DIY Tennis Ball Throw!

What you need: a squeaky ball, an old shirt & ribbon

  • Wrap the shirt around the ball

  • Tie off with a ribbon and cut the tail of your fabric into strips

  • Braid the tails tightly and tie off the end

Licks and Sniffs,



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