DIY Frozen Dog Treats for Australia Day

DIY Frozen Dog Treats for Australia Day


Aussie dog treats

These green and gold themed homemade frozen dog treats are the paw-fect way to spoil your pup this Australia Day! Better yet they will keep your canine cool in the Australian heat.


  • Banana

  • Apple

  • Low-fat Plain Yoghurt

  • "Natural" Food Colouring (Optional)


  • Mash together banana with some low-fat plain yoghurt (make sure you choose yoghurts that don’t contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars) and add 2 drops of yellow Natural food colouring (Avoid using Chemical-based food colouring, Only use “Natural” food colouring, this type is safe for your dog to consume – if it doesn’t say “natural” then it is chemical-based!)

  • Half fill your pop up portable dog bowl with the mashed banana mixture then place in the freezer until frozen.

  • Place some apple slices in water and colour with 2 drops of green Natural food colouring. Mix together.

  • Add the apple slices mixture on top of your frozen mashed banana mixture and place back in the freezer until completely frozen.

  • Pop out your frozen Aussie dog treat and let your pooch enjoy while the humans are indulging in BBQ’s and Pavlova!

Have a barktastic Australia Day and stay cool!

Licks and Sniffs,
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