Ways Your Dog Shows You Love

Ways Your Dog Shows You Love

Does my dog love me?

There are many signs that your dog loves you - you just have to be attentive to recognise them all. Every dog behaves differently and the ways your dog says ‘I love you’ will vary too. But generally their instincts are all the same – so keep watching the following behaviour closely:

Following You Around

It’s in their social nature to follow you around, because dogs really never need “alone-time” like our human friends sometimes do. Have you got a stage five clinger? They never want to be apart from you!

dog-659870_960_720Eye Contact

Dogs recognise when someone is looking at them in a loveable way. They will look back at you when they are happy with  life and with YOU! Their eyes should be relaxed and their pupils a normal size.  Try to look in each other’s eyes more often – it will increase serotonin levels and help improve your relationship.

Tail Wagging

A dog shows many emotions in how they wag their tail. It could be a sign of fear and anxiety, but also happiness! Pup’s will wag with their butt and their tail will sweep back and forth in a friendly and calm way.

Licking Your Face and Jumping

Absolutely a sign of love, although many owners don’t like their dogs to do both. Puppies lick their parents faces instinctively to show them “hey, I am hungry!”. So your dog recognises you as a parent! That’s also the reason why they  jump on you when you are coming through the dog: they try to lick your face, but you are just too tall!

Leaning on Yodog-2086399_960_720u

Your pup is asking for attention! And gives you attention as well. The best thing to do is: take a little moment, although you are busy, and give lots and lots of cuddles!


Dogs will sniff everywhere! Sometimes it can be very awkward, especially when he sniffs a strangers butt! It’s simply their way to get familiar with you and your scent. The noticed scent will be connected with all the great experiences you are having with your dog.  They just want to get to know you!


Licks and Sniffs,

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