An Australian Icon | Driza-Bone Dog Coats

An Australian Icon | Driza-Bone Dog Coats

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi Oi Oi!

Since 1898, Driza-Bone has earned a reputation as an Australian Icon! Their distinctive and high-quality outwear and oilskin coats capture the unique spirit and heritage of Australia.

Now with a range for the furry friends in the family, dogs of all sizes can be fitted out and enjoy the same weather protection and great Aussie style as their Driza-Bone owners.

The Driza-Bone dog coats are the best way to keep your pooch dry and warm year-round. Did we also forget to mention that they are ridiculously stylish? Check out the range below:

The Driza-Bone Flannel

The Friza-Bone Flannel is made out of heavyweight Cotton Oilskin which means it’s breathable, waterproof and wind resistant – you’ll keep warm and dry in the wettest and windiest conditions!

With handy storage pockets and adjustable straps around the stomach and around the neck ensure a good fit.

drizabone-flannelThe Driza-Bone Fleece

For those extra chilly mornings and nights! The Driza-Bone Fleece is lined with breathable, insulating wool and is an ideal option for when the mercury really drops. With handy storage pockets and adjustable straps under the stomach and around the neck, it is the warmest, most breathable dog coat on the market.


Get your paws on the Tru Blue Driza-Bone dog coats today! Head in-store or shop online.
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