Brands We're Crushing On

Brands We're Crushing On

Brands We’re Crushing On

DOGUE is at the forefront of canine fashion and dog accessories, which is why we appreciate brands who recognize that our pups want style and luxury as much as we do.

PUPPIA – Puppia is an obvious choice for a brand we adore. Their Soft Vest Harness is one of our favourites! Constructed with mesh and completely adjustable, it’s sure to fit your pooch at any stage (even after the holidays). They offer a wide arrange of apparel including cold weather jackets, raincoats, jumpers, and everyday sweaters.

IBIYAYA – Ibiyaya is one of our favourite brands when we choose to bring our pets with us! They offer a wide range of amazing pet carriers, picture perfect for any form of travel! Available in mixed fabrics or leather, the transport bags are sure to be your pups safe haven during travel. Their Bubble Hotel Pet Carrier screams chic style and comfort, check them out!

ANIMALS IN CHARGE – Animals In Charge is a fantastic brand, in more ways than one. With 5% of all sales donated to shelter animals, your pup can look good and do good for their fellow furry friends. Their Café Collars are perfect for going out to brekky, while their All Weather Collars are ideal for the pup that loves to explore in any weather.

RUFUS & COCO – Rufus & Coco is ideal for the sophisticated pooch who loves to strut around town. Their designer collars, leads, and harnesses are amazing! With the Navy Blue Striped Walk wear being exclusive to DOGUE!

SNOOZA – Snooza is an office dog favourite here at DOGUE. You often see Vice President of Sample Tasting, Reign, comfortable relaxing in style on his Oslo Buddy Bed. The modern dog beds come in a range of styles and colours, all of which are chic enough to fit in any space! The best part? Their beds are from recycled plastic drink bottles! Good for the planet, good for your pup.
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