Top 5 Canine Fashion Tips for Winter by DOGUE Founder Simone Kingston

Top 5 Canine Fashion Tips for Winter by DOGUE Founder Simone Kingston

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DOGUE Founder Simone Kingston gives her top fashion tips for Winter! 

The weather is changing and it is time for all fashion hounds to start thinking about their Winter wardrobe.  It is always good to have a few interchangeable looks ready to go depending on the occasion and weather conditions….so rug up and brave the elements in true DOGUE style with these essential fashion tips.

My personal favourite for keeping warm and snug during the cooler months is a soft woolly jumper.  They are easy to wear, practical and cosy.  They are perfect for lazing around the house or running in the park. I always design and recommend jumpers with no restrictions, so nothing on the legs or over the tail.  Dogs love being in the nude so its important that the jumper just feels like a second skin.  Whether your dogs preference is classical or cute you will find a style to suit every taste.

For sophisticated pups that prefer a more polished and ageless look, then a winter coat is a must-have. Coats today come in such a wide variety of fabrics and styles you are sure to find one that gives your dog their timeless look. Look for the latest trends in colours and fabrics and choose a design that fits your dog well, it should sit securely around the tummy and let your dog move effortlessly.

When it’s raining Cats & Dogs, you will be looking for a waterproof coat to ensure your dog keeps dry. Luckily there are many raincoats available that are super stylish so there is no need to forgo fashion when it is unpleasant outside. I love the Driza-Bone, it fits dogs of all shapes and sizes really well and will keep your dog happy, warm and dry.  Although traditionally a country coat, it’s traditional style will look smart anywhere and gain respect from city slicker pooches.

Accessories are a vital part of your dogs wardrobe, an expression of their personality and charm.  When it comes to neckwear, there are no rules for Summer or Winter but just because it maybe cold and gloomy outside doesn’t mean your dog should dress this way.  So express them with a little colour, in fact the brighter the better, it will add charisma to their winter wardrobe.  I love mixing accessories together, stick with a colour theme and throw different patterns together, it always looks super chic and keeps your pup in vogue.

Nobody likes having a bad hair day and just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean your dog should forget about grooming.  Of course it’s fun to let their hair down and grow out a bit, but its important to keep that coat healthy with a quick trim and tidy throughout the winter months. It will keep their coats fresh and free of tangles plus it will keep them smelling sweet.


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