Behind the brand: Bell and Bone

Behind the brand: Bell and Bone

When it comes to our dogs health and happiness go paw in paw.

For years we have fed our dogs the food and treats that were available on the supermarket shelf. And why not? They have the words “with chicken” or “beef flavor” and a picture of a happy looking dog right on the front. The only thing missing is how unhealthy this food actually is!

But the industry has had a bit of a shake-up…

There has been an abundance of research about how our pups should be fed. Basically, they are carnivores which means they eat meat in their natural habitat. However out in the wild, they didn’t just get stuck into their favorite chicken tender sticks or beef jerky bites. They would hunt the animal and eat it whole – bones, organs and the fruit, vegetables and plants that the herbivores they caught would have inside their stomachs. Based on this, our cute carnivores should be eating a diet rich in meat, bones, organs and plant based foods.

So you have to wonder why these brands are selling food and treats full of corn flour, wheat, rice, white potatoes, cereals, Maybe dogs go whacko for unhealthy food? Just like we may go whacko for pizza and chocolate… imagine how unhealthy you may be if you ate it daily… that is what we’ve done to our pets for years.

Feel enlightened however… this era has come to an end! Brands that are doing the right thing are pushing back and making a change. This is the reason why Bell and Bone began. To put an end to these whacko foods, to promote health and well-being for our beautiful pets and to ensure that our dogs receive healthy food for every meal without the nasties.

There is 1 (well… 2 actually) motivations behind Bell and Bone. The first is Honey and the second is Daisy. Our beautiful dogs who deserve the very best. They provide so much love and joy, keeping them healthy is the very least we can do. It began with a transition to natural feeding, which led to lots of research, a partnership with a nutritionist, and now human grade, healthy treats to share with you all.

Bell and Bone is a brand with purpose, using superfoods to give our dogs the best nutrition. This brand hopes to support dog owners in their journey, helping them choose the right options. All products are 100% natural and each ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefit it provides. For example, some of the superfoods we use are

For beautiful coats 

Coconut — is full of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids to help keep skin smooth and coats shiny.

Chia — is rich in zinc and antioxidants which limit the production of free radicals which can damage skin cells.

For happy bellies 

Carob — is a rich source of dietary fibre, getting the metabolism moving and that digestive system going.

Ginger — is an incredible superfood that assists with nausea, bloat, digestion and general health and wellbeing.

For active dogs 

Flaxseed — is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are great for joint support and movement.

Turmeric — is an amazing anti-inflammatory can do more than just prevent joint and muscle pain but help prevent a range of diseases common in dogs.

We believe that owning a pet is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dogs can’t make decisions about food (we all know they’d just eat everything if they could!) so we need to do it for them. They actually love to eat healthy food… so why not choose health every time?

Read the ingredient list and make a decision you are proud of. Together we can create the change we want to see.

Banjo Brown’s Review 

You can't hide a good treat from a naughty pooch!

Resident taste-tester Banjo the Sausage checks out the new balanced diet treats from Bell and Bone - packed with veggies, super foods, and lots of love.

Banjo likes to kick back after a loooooong day out barking with his favourite from the range; Coconut and Chia.

He won’t be sharing these! Two paws up!

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