Behind the brand: Dharf

Behind the brand: Dharf


"Be bold! Add colour into you and your buddy’s life"

  • incomparable quality
  • trendsetting designs
  • eye-catching cuteness

DOGUE went behind the brand with Dharf founder and designer Isabelle Genest to find out more about how they began and what's next! Us mutts can't get enough of this beautiful brand so be sure to check out the Interview below:

dharf dog harnessDOGUE: How did Dharf begin?

Isabelle: Dharf started with one sewing machine and a very special buddy named LUIGI.  I was already quite handy with the sewing machine from previous studies and roles in fashion design.  I decided to start making collars and leads for Luigi to wear on his daily walks in Woolloomooloo.

Talking to dog owners and evaluating the demand for such creative products, I decided to make enough bow ties and bandannas and take them to a local craft market in Sydney. It went nuts! The following week I left my job in the city and Launched DHARF (at the time I was making dog scarfs and called them Dharf).

DOGUE: What’s your favourite Dharf piece and why?red-polka-bowtie-dog

Isabelle: The bow tie collar of course! Why?  They are a great representation of what we are about.  We managed to combine practicality and design.  Every time we design launch a new product a lot of thought has been put into it.  It HAS to be comfortable to wear, easy for the human to use and catch the eye of passersby.

DOGUE: What is your number one fashion tip for fellow fash-hounds out there? Who are your fashion inspirations?

Isabelle: Be bold! Add colour into you and your buddy’s life. Your dog should make you smile every day and be the center of attention when you enter a room, café or your local dog park. Inspiration comes from trips around the world.  Fashion is a great passion of mine.  Thrift shopping too!

DOGUE: What’s next for Dharf?

Isabelle: Today, we are answering the growing demands for innovation and originality around the world. We now have a team of dedicated dog and cat lovers who are equally passionate about providing quality, innovative product to our customers and their pets. DOGUE is a great example of a pet loving organisation that totally support what DHARF is about.  I urge you to visit your local DOGUE store today and discover some of our latest creations.

There's something cool for every dog with Dharf! You can shop the collection at your local DOGUE store or online

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