DOGUE's Dog Park Essentials

DOGUE's Dog Park Essentials

Dog Park shenanigans are one of the best parts of being a dog..

So take a peek at our dog park essentials that will ensure maximum outdoor fun! Head in-store today or check out our favourites online.

DOGUE Pop Up Portable Drinking Bowls

DOGUE Pop Up Dog Bowls

Never get stuck without something to put water in for your pooch again!

Featuring a handy clip to put it on your belt or bag it simply collapses into a rubber disk when not in use then pops open to form a handy portable dog water bowl.

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Chuck it!

Dogue's Dog Park Essential 3

With the Chuckit your human can throw the ball out of the ballpark over and over again.Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the Chuckit uses a standard-size tennis ball or you can purchase Chuckit Balls and is designed for hands-free your human will never have to bend down and pick up a slimy ball again.

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Grinning Ball

Dogue's Dog Park Essential 4

The grinning dog balls are the paw-fect dog ball for fetch with Fido! This dog ball is also a great interactive dog toy as it can be used as a dog treat ball too!

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The Stick Dog Toy

Dogue's Dog Park Essential 5

Make your walkies more interesting with Miss Twiggy, Woody and Little Barkely.

Made from recycled rubber, The Sticks dog toys all come with a handy grip moulded into the dog toy plus a slobber resistant rope for improved throwing and grappling.The Sticks float in water and have glow in the dark eyes making them the pawfect throw toy!

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DOOG Walking Belt

Dogue's Dog Park Essential 6

The DOOG Walkie Belt contains everything you need when out walking your dog, all in one handy, lightweight walking belt.The belt is designed to free up your hands and your pockets when taking your dog for a walk. No longer will you need plastic bags stuffed in one hand and keys, money and dog lead in the other.

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