DOGUE's Top Boredom Buster for Dogs

DOGUE's Top Boredom Buster for Dogs

Dogue's Top Boredom Buster for Dogs!

"Boredom Buster" month at DOGUE means we've been testing all sorts of interactive dog products to bring you our top tail-waggers!

  • Little Tearror Dog Toy - the strong velcro attachments allow your dog to rip it up time and time again!
  • Junior Interactive Dog Bowl - make every meal a game for your pup and work their brain at the same time! With 6 different openings and a rotating wheel it's bound to keep your pup entertained as they figure out how to get their food.
  • Kong Classic - one of the best durable dog toys! Simply stuff with treats or peanut butter to keep Fido entertained or let it bounce unpredictably for hours of entertainment.
  • Kong Quest Star Pod - an interactive dog toy loaded with personality! Stuff it with your dog's favourite treats to stimulate natural foraging behaviour. It's guaranteed to deliver a new challenge for your pup!
  • Dog Maze Dog Bowl - great for fast eaters and the paw-fect distraction for when you're not home. Let your dog spend time working for the treats and reduce that separation anxiety!
  • Busy Buster Treat Dispenser - sure to perk up playtime, fill it with treats or give it a shake to hear those funky sounds!
  • Silly Sounds Dog Toy - get caught up in the silly sounds! The unique grooves make it easy to tote, toss and play.

These barktastic products get four paws up from our DOGUE doggy testers! Shop online


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