A day in the life of a DOGUE model!

A day in the life of a DOGUE model!


A day in the life of a DOGUE model!

Model 1

Be professional!

Being a DOGUE model isn't just about looking pretty, it takes a true professional to get the look right! Eye contact and making the products shine is key...and a head tilt goes a long way in a dog eat dog world.

Model 2

Model 3

Stay fit!

Keeping fit and healthy plays a vital part as it's important to wear the clothes well. Dog apparel is not one size fits all.


Meet our latest models....

Model 4

Eddy and Sam have been modelling professionally since 2017. Eddy likes his couch time, whilst Sam is always on the go. They are best buddies, and never fight, even when Sam sneaks Eddy's food (which is often). Their favourite pose is holding paws.

Eddy and Sam


New Model 5

Model 6

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DOGUE's Cable Knits with Classic Bow

DOGUE's Raincoat

DOGUE's Classic Cardi

Model 7

Bondi is a kind, intelligent and energetic guy who enjoys being in the spotlight. Since winning the "Dog's of Bondi Calender Contest" in 2020, his career has taken off. A natural in front of the camera, Bondi is known for not getting out of bed unless there are DOGUE treats on offer at the shoot. Luckily for us they are always in supply.



Model 8

Model 9

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DOGUE's Floor Pillow

DOGUE's Raincoat

DOGUE's Cable Knits

DOGUE's Leather Bow Tie

Model 10



Bailey leads the pack when it comes to the modelling work. He knows how to work the camera with his dark brown eyes. A true professional who understands the importance of being a pup influencer means endorsing quality brands. Between shots he is cuddly and affectionate and always a pleasure to work with.

Model 11

Model 12

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DOGUE's Demin Floor Pillow

DOGUE's Fleece Blanket

DOGUE's Cable Knit and Toybox

Alqo Wasi Alpaca Sweater

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