Behind The Brand: Diamond Dog Food & Bakery

Behind The Brand: Diamond Dog Food & Bakery


"It's much more rewarding to make food & treats for dogs!"

  • Fun
  • Healthy
  • Australian made

Diamond Dog Food and Bakery makes & bakes a unique range of fun & healthy treats for dogs. DOGUE went behind the brand with founder Alice Needham to find out more about how they began and their popular Mix & Bake range! Be sure to check out the Interview below:

mix & BakeDOGUE: How did Diamond Dog Food and Bakery begin?

Alice: Back in 2010, we were busy but bored making food for humans.  We thought that it would be much more fun & rewarding to make food & treats for dogs.

DOGUE: Us mutts are in love with the Mix & Bake - easy peasy! Range, where did the inspiration come from?

Alice: We knew that people wanted to add a bit of their own love to the treats that they give their dogs.  We wanted to make it easy - peasy for them by supplying the best dog safe ingredients & leaving them to simply add water & oil, some love & then bake.

DOGUE: Why are these treats so popular?

diamond dog food and bakery

Alice: The range is fantastic - covers healthy options such as the muesli bars to full kits for donuts, pupcakes or even a birthday cake.  Simple instructions make them easy-peasy to make - even for people who don’t bake.  We’ve seen some amazing finished products over the years & people & their dogs get a real thrill out of creating something themselves rather than just buying a treat off the shelf ready to go.

An added bonus is the great smells coming from the kitchen - you’ll find the pups getting very excited when they know you are baking their favourite treats.

DOGUE: What Mix & Bake flavour would you recommend as a Valentine's Day Treat?

Alice: Carob Chip Cookies are always very popular at this time of year - who wouldn’t want a carob treat.  If you want to get more adventurous then the donut kits make a fantastic party treat - with strawberry & carob included in the kit to decorate the donuts - it doesn’t get much better for Valentine’s Day.  Could be pawfect for a Valentine’s Day Pooch Wedding!

You can shop the collection at your local DOGUE Store or Online. Plus go in the running to win the complete range of Mix & Bake! Simply enter with any retail purchase in-store.

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I absolutely love the concept behind Diamond Dog Food and Bakery! It’s so refreshing to see a brand that focuses on creating fun and healthy treats specifically for our furry friends. The Mix & Bake range is such a brilliant idea – allowing dog owners to add their own love and personal touch to the treats they give their pups. I can imagine the excitement in both the kitchen and the wagging tails when these delicious treats are being made. I’m definitely going to check out their website to see what other amazing products they have to offer.

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I received a card on emergency first aid for dogs some years ago. It states that you have first aid classes and kits available. There is nothing about these on your site.


Hi Wendy, we hold Animal First Aid courses throughout the year at our DOGUE Bondi Junction boutique. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to find out when our next course is being held in the new year :)


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