Behind the Design : The Making of The Gingham Collection

Behind the Design : The Making of The Gingham Collection

At DOGUE we are passionate about creating stylish products for your furry friends, and we're excited to share our collections with you. From trendy dog collars and dog leads to cozy dog beds, we've got everything your pooch needs to look and feel their very best! Browse our collections now!

With the launch of DOGUE’s new Gingham range of dog beds, blankets and pawrent accessories, we asked Simone Kingston, designer of this playful and sophisticated collection, about her inspiration and vision behind it


What is the first three words that come to your mind when you think of this collection?

Fun, playful & pretty

What is the overall theme or mood you're trying to convey with this collection?

I wanted to create the classic bedroom look so this range is so pretty.  The colours and gingham prints are very in this season so it was fun putting them into bedding designs.

How does this collection differ from the previous collections?

I always try and do something different with each collection, starting with what colours are “in” both in fashion and in the home.   I personally love gingham and is a staple of my wardrobe, so I was excited to see it making a come back in homewares, especially in bedroom settings.

This collection is very fresh and light but to carry the dog beds through the cooler months I have added a lovely soft fur to the matching blankets so these beds can be super cosy in Winter too.

I have added cat beds for the first time and they look great…after all we mustn’t forget our feline friends!

Dog Beds

What is your favourite item in this collectiom?

Mmmm….hard one, I love it all.  I am so happy how the collection has something for everyone, dogs, cats and humans!

What inspired you to make pawrents pyjamas?

It just seemed like a natural progession with this gorgours fabric, plus I always struggle to find cute PJ’s.  I love that my dog and I can sleep in matching patterns….its super cute!

Dog Beds

What designs do you have coming up?

More subtle tones for Winter, but beds that will work with our gingham range of blankets, its important to be able to cross the ranges over across all seasons.


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