Maple and Lacie's Winter Top Tips

Maple and Lacie's Winter Top Tips

There's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with our pooches during winter - although they don't always feel the same! We have to find ways to keep our pups happy and active even when the weather is cold and wet outside!

With the help of our friends Maple & Lacie, here's how we do it!

A Busy Dog Is A Happy Dog

When the weather becomes gloomy, cold and wet we tend to head outside less, which means we may not walk our dogs as often as they like! We then need to make sure that our pooches are being stimulated in other ways during the day and night to use up some of that excess energy! Interactive toys are a great way to challenge and motivate you pooch during the day when they are home alone. Maple and Lacie absolutely love playing with their KONG Tennis Pals! The Tennis Pal features a squeaky outer shell to entice play and a removable tennis ball will continue to challenge and entertain them for hours!

Play Time

After spending all day at home alone, your pooch will most likely be up for some play time (after lots of kisses and cuddles of course). Maple and Lacie can't wait to bond with their mum during their play time with the Nina Ottosson Miracle Dog Puzzle. This challenging, treat finding game can be varied endlessly by how you place the puzzle bricks and where you place the treats - which means hours and hours of fun! When it's just too cold and rainy to head outside for a walk, the Miracle Dog Puzzle is the perfect indoor alternative for maintaining your dog's physical and mental wellbeing.

Let's Get Physical

It is still important that we do remain active with our pooch during winter and take them for walks as often as we can! So how do we inspire and motivate ourselves to head outside when we would rather be snuggled up on the couch? With some new funky walkwear of course! Maple and Lacie stay inspired with our gorgeous Pink and Black Fleur Canvas Harnesses and matching Fleur Canvas Leads - it would be a crime not to show these babies off in public!

Stay Warm In Style

When it's really chilly outside and having a naked pup just won't work, it's time to get cosy and invest in an ultra warm knit! Maple and Lacie just love feeling all snug in their Hamish McBeth Black Wool Jumpers! Whether you're out and about or relaxing indoors - you can protect your pooch from the cold in style! And if you'd prefer to add some colour to your pooch's winter wardrobe, the Hamish McBeth Wool Jumpers also come in





Licks and Sniffs,

Maple, Lacie & DOGUE

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