Winter Exercise Tips For Your Dog

Winter Exercise Tips For Your Dog

The colder weather makes hibernation very inviting and you might think it’s not the most favourable season for dog exercise. But while the thermostat turns down, there is no excuse to skip on your dog’s exercise.

Like how you provide your canine companion with the best of everything from the right amount of food to shelter, a pet owner should understand that exercise is vital to their pooch’s routine regardless of the changing weather or season. On the days the colder weather affects their exercise regime, there are still incredible ways to boost your dog’s physical activity.

So, here are great exercise tips for your dog that you can include in their routine this winter.

Walk Your Dog

Frosty weather may limit your dog’s time outside, but it should not be eliminated entirely from their routine. During the colder months you can still take your pup outside for a nice morning walk or stroll around the neighbourhood. However, it needs to be shorter than the usual routine. This way, you are continuously encouraging them to stay fit.

Though outdoor walking is still advisable for your dog, bear in mind there are things to consider when doing so. Always assess the health condition of your dog, especially their tolerance to colder temperatures. Visit your vet for proper evaluation. If your canine companion is healthy enough to go outside amidst the colder atmosphere, avoid walking them during the coldest part of the day and always bring a spare apparel item in case the one they are wearing becomes wet etc.

Start Indoor Training

Winter is the perfect time to train your dog some new tricks and skills. Indoor training can be helpful when correcting some behavioural problems. There are several approaches you can take, whether you hire a professional dog trainer or do it yourself. Get your pooch into obedience training by teaching them how to sit, stop begging for food, or how to greet your guests politely. This way, you are not just making them more productive, but it is an opportunity to boost their physical activities.

Try Dog Treadmills

If walking outside is restricted, a treadmill is a great option to get your pooch into walking and exercise. This activity maintains your pooch’s muscle tone and agility. There are specially designed treadmills for dogs available in the market.

However, if you don’t have one, you can also use the human treadmill. Make sure you take extra precautions. Allow more time to get them familiar with how it works. As much as possible, start at a slow speed while using a treat as a reward. After a few days, you can begin increasing the speed and time they spend on the treadmill.

Enrol Your Dog Into A Class

Another great activity during the winter months is to enrol your pooch into an indoor swimming class or bring them to an agility trail / park. These facilities provide your canine companion with a good exercise and workout routine. Not to mention that it also boosts their mental agility as it teaches them new skills. Through these facilities, your dog learns how to swim, walk across bridges or climb ramps.

You can also make a homemade course. Create a tunnel where your dog can run through. Cushions, tables, blankets, a hula hoop and any other stuff available around the house can be used to build an obstacle course. Just don’t forget to give your pup a treat to reward and encourage them!

Enrol In Doggy Daycare

Don’t limit your dog’s activities to the comfort of your home. There should always be room to improve their social life. They too – need to interact with other dogs and have some fun. Take them to 

DOGUE Play Time

 so that they can socialise with other like-minded pals.

Final Thoughts

Dogs need exercise every day regardless of the changing season. If you don’t give your pooch an opportunity to improve their physical strength or an outlet for energy, they may develop some behavioural problems or become under-stimulated. Winter should never be an excuse to stop your canine companion having a fun and healthy routine. In fact, this is probably the time where your dog needs it the most.

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