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Sandy Snoots Dog Towel

Sandy Snoots Dog Towel

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Introducing Sandy Snoots Dog Towel – the ultimate solution for keeping your furry friend clean, dry, and happy after their outdoor adventures! 

These dog towels are designed with your pet's comfort and your convenience in mind, making bath time and post-play clean-up a breeze.

Sandy Snoots Dog Towels are crafted from a plush and ultra-absorbent microfiber fabric that quickly soaks up moisture, ensuring your dog dries off in no time. Say goodbye to soggy floors and wet furniture!

We understand that your pet's skin is sensitive, so these towels are made from hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on their fur and skin. No more irritation or discomfort after bath time.

Measuring a generous 125cm by 80cm, this towel is the perfect size for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The convenient corner pockets allow you to slip your hands in for a secure grip when drying your pet, making it easier than ever to get them dry and cozy.

Sandy Snoots Dog Towels are not only functional but also stylish. These towels come in a variety of chic colours and patterns to suit your taste and complement your home décor. Plus, they are built to last, with reinforced stitching that can withstand frequent use and machine washing.

  • Machine wash in 30-40 degrees celsius 
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener 
  • Do not iron 
  • Line dry or warm tumble dry 

These towels are not just for bath time! Sandy Snoots Dog Towels are perfect for wiping muddy paws, cleaning up after a rainy walk, or even protecting your car seats from pet-related messes. They are the go-to solution for any pet owner looking to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Treat your fellow pet lovers or spoil your own fur baby with Sandy Snoots Dog Towels. They make a thoughtful and practical gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

Make bath time a pleasant experience for both you and your furry friend with Sandy Snoots Dog Towels. Experience the difference in quality and convenience that only our towels can offer. Keep your dog's snoot and paws clean, dry, and happy with Sandy Snoots – because every dog deserves the best.