Allergy Season: How to adjust your dog to Spring!

Allergy Season: How to adjust your dog to Spring!

It’s Allergy Season! It’s not just us humans who are reaching for the tissue boxes, many dogs are also susceptible to Spring allergies. Here we have broken down signs to look out for in your dog, and how to enjoy Spring weather without an emergency trip to the vet!

What are the signs of seasonal dog allergies?

As with most things, your dog’s reaction to allergies will differ from human effects. The most common symptoms your dog may experience are:

  • Itchy skin
  • Ear infections
  • Red, swollen eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing fits
  • Loss of fur
  • Red skin

Not all dogs will have these symptoms to the same extent. Like us, the itchiness they may suffer will range from an intense discomfort to a mild feeling. Have you ever had a cold and blown your nose so much it becomes painful to touch? Well, that happens with your dog’s itching. However, instead of tissue overuse dogs may scratch themselves raw. Watch out for problem areas such as their armpits, the nose or paw regions. Often this excessive itching will be the result of rubbing on the carpet and furniture and chewing/licking themselves. If this behaviour is recurring it may result in a nasty infection. If you notice this behaviour take your dog to your local vet for a check-up!

What is the main cause of seasonal dog allergies?

Just like us humans, dog allergies are provoked when they inhale or are exposed to something that they are sensitive to. There are a multitude of factors that are presented throughout the seasons, tree and grass pollen, flea bites and fresh grass to name a few.


How can I diagnose a seasonal allergy in my dog?

Short answer, take your dog to a vet! Your vet will be able to decipher whether or not your dog is suffering from an allergy or whether it is something else. Your vet will talk you through the process and examine your pup.


Managing dog allergies

Your vet will advise if there is a necessity for allergy injections, medically prescribed serums or oral medications. However, in a milder case there are steps you can take to keep your pup’s allergies at bay through the right treatments!


Recommended Seasonal Allergy Products that won’t break the bank:


DOGUE Signature Neem Collection


  • Provides targeted therapy for dry, itchy, sensitive canine skin conditions
  • Gives a silky, shiny, stronger coat
  • Encourages healthy hair growth
  • Powerful insecticidal properties to treat mites, fleas and manage while also repelling insects.

    Houndztooth Rescue & Relief Spray

    • Ditch the itch with the natural topical skin spray combines soothing aloe vera, lavender, cucumber, chamomile, and calendula with moisturising virgin coconut oil.
    • The dermal sprays are specifically formulated to be pH balanced and safe for dogs to lick.

      ODR Out Anti-Bacterial Wipes

      • Suitable for dog, cat and human use!
      • Odour reducing
      • Safe & Convenient
      • Can be used on full body
      • Alcohol free, preservative free, fragrance free
      • Anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-fungal
      • Non-toxic, non-irritant, hypoallergenic, PH neutral

        Byron Paws Nose and Paw Balm

        • Anti-Bacterial
        • All natural
        • 100% safe to lick!
        • Only a small quantity needed


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