Our pets are the heart of the family, and we would do anything to keep them safe.

Embrace the future of pet safety and make theDOGUE Pet Tag an essential part of your pet's attire. With its secure QR code technology, your pet's safety and well-being are never compromised. Prioritise their security with this innovative pet tag, because every furry family member deserves the best.

  • Each tag is imprinted with a unique QR code linked to a secure pet profile, accessible via a simple scan for quick access to vital pet information
  • Powered by Recollo's advanced technology, this tag ensures a secure and comprehensive pet profile that can be easily updated and managed
  • The QR code leads to a detailed pet profile aiding in quick identification and reunion in case your pet goes missing
  • This tag serves as a digital ID, providing essential information to ensure the safety and well-being of your furry companion

Each profile can be easily updated as often as needed, enabling contact information to always be up to date. Humans can add their pet’s name, address, contact number, vet contact details and even photos and care details!

A simple must-have for our little adventures out there because we need them home as soon as possible. 

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