Holiday Cat Gift Guide

Holiday Cat Gift Guide

At DOGUE we understand that our feline friends aren't just pets; they're cherished members of the family. Just like any other family member, they deserve a little extra love during the holiday season. Discover our assortment of purr-fect holiday cat gifts!

1. Kong Pull-Apart Cat Toy

Kong Pull-Apart Cat Toy

The KONG Holiday Pull-A-Partz Cat Toy Present features a charming present-shaped design, complete with a textured surface that's perfect for scratching and clawing. It's a great way for your cat to engage in natural behaviours while also enjoying the holiday spirit.

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2. Taco and Burrito Cat Toy

Taco and Burrito Cat Toy

Treat your beloved cat to the ultimate fiesta of fun with the ZippyPaws NomNomz Taco & Burrito Cat Toy. Add a dash of playfulness, a sprinkle of mental stimulation, and a whole lot of bonding to your cat's routine. 

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3. Tropic Santa Cat Toy
Tropic Santa Cat Toy

The KONG Holiday Cat Tropics Santa isn't just a toy; it's a source of joy and laughter during the holiday season. Share the holiday spirit with your cat and order this delightful toy today. It's the ideal way to make your cat's holidays merry and bright!

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4. Nina Ottosson Puzzle & Play Cat Toy
Nina Ottosson Puzzle

This fabulous enrichment toy is this pawfect gift these holidays! The toy features a sequence of compartments, sliders, and hidden compartments. These dynamic elements create an enticing puzzle-solving experience for your cat, encouraging them to explore, strategise, and persistently engage with the toy. 

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5. DOGUE Gingham Cat Bed

DOGUE Gingham Cat Bed

Your cat will absolutely adore their brand new DOGUE Gingham Cat Bed, and is sure to have the best sleep with its soft and comforting style. Designed to be the height of sophistication, timelessness and style, this cat bed will not only be perfect for your kitty, it will also look great in your home!

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6. Holiday Crackles Cat Toy
Holiday Crackles Cat Toy

Crafted with care, this toy features a delightful Santa Claus kitty design that captures the holiday spirit. Its vibrant colours and crinkly material are sure to catch your cat's attention and keep them entertained.

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7. Gelato Leather Cat Collar
Gelato Leather & Cat Collar

The stunning Gelato walkwear collection by DOGUE is the perfect addition to your cats look this season with the best mix of comfort, sophistication and style. This beautiful pastel range is proudly handmade in Australia from the softest and finest New Zealand leather.

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8. Bendo Cat Bowl

Bendo Cat Bowl

The Bendo Meow Cat Bowl is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a stylish and practical feeding solution for their cats. Its durable stainless steel construction, shallow design, and easy-to-clean surface make it a favourite among pet owners.

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9. KONG Holiday Reindeer Cat Toy

KONG Holiday Reindeer Cat Toy

The KONG Holiday Kickaroo Reindeer Cat Toy is not just about looks. It's designed for interactive play and exercise. With its elongated shape and soft, crinkly texture, it's perfect for your cat to kick, pounce on, and chase, providing hours of entertainment.

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10. Fur Fresh Sardines

Fur Fresh Sardines

The FurFresh Whole Raw Sardines are furbulous dog treats and cat treats as they provide a lean protein boost to their diet, and the fatty acids can help with soothed skin, shiny coats and improved cognition!  

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