Meet the Dogs of DOGUE HQ

At DOGUE HQ, our incredible team members are not alone! Behind each one, you will find an adorable animal with a bark or purr of authority and a heart full of love and cuddles. Meet some of our office dogs and cats, the true guardians of our workspace, keeping us safe from any knocks on the door (beware, delivery drivers)!

Fur-mum: Sim, Founder and Creative Director


Name: Sly
Breed: Groodle
Age: 12
Favourite product: Any bed!

Sly's job in the office as Chief Bed Tester is ideal for him, not only because he is the 12-year-old Groodle of DOGUE's Designer Sim, but also because his favourite pastime is sleeping. He is always on top of his game, especially when sampling every bed put in front of him, showing the pros and cons (i.e., he can't fit).

Lady Lemmy
Fur-pawrents: Margaret, CEO and Adrian, Strategic Manager

Lady Lemmy

Name: Lemmy
Breed: Border Collie crossed with Labrador x Kelpie
Age: 7
Favourite product: Currently DOGUE Glamour Collar

Lemmy is a working Diva. She loves giving moral support to the team at the Retreat by encouraging barks and racing up and down along the fences. Lemmy gets on very well with resident chickens and other bird life.

Fur-mum: Charlotte, Online and Wholesale Coordinator


Name: Bonnie
Breed: Cavoodle
Age: 4
Favourite product: Essential raincoat

Bonnie likes napping, sardines, car rides, peas and, weirdly ... going to the vet! Her dislikes include the rain and delivery people.

Fur-mum: Hanna, HR and Recruitment Manager


Name: Benji
Breed: Cavoodle
Age: 4
Favourite product: Gingham Bed

Benji's favourite things include munching on scrumptious pig ears, going for exciting walkies, and going on adventures like hiking or spending time by the ocean. Puppacinos and the lingering taste of acai bowl leftovers are a favourite, whilst undivided attention is a must. Benji is not a fan of being alone. He craves the comforting presence of hoomans. Lying down in the car isn't his idea of fun. Benji lends a paw by alerting the HQ team when the postman arrives, ensuring every package is noticed. He also gently reminds us to take breaks, urging us to get up and embrace the refreshing outdoors.

Fur-mum: Amelia, Business Development Manager


Name: Diesel AKA Big Brown Dog, D, Deezey, Smoosh
Breed: Labrador
Age: 15
Favourite product: Bazza the Platypus – he loves some rough play and a snuggle at bedtime

Diesel is an old man now, so while he enjoys his daily walks around the block sniffing trees and butts, his favourite activity is sitting at Amelia's feet when working and licking crumbs off the floor during lunchtime!

Roger and Rafa
Fur-mum: Anna, Marketing and Content Specialist

Roger and Rafa

Names: Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal
Breeds: Cavoodle and Ginger Cat
Ages: 6
Favourite products: Both love their matching Gelato collars and Gingham cat bed (especially Rafa).

Brothers from separate mothers, Roger (cat) and Rafa (dog), are best friends. Similar to their sport inspirations, they love chasing tennis balls. Work productivity is maximised by sitting on Anna's lap and refusing to leave. Rafa provides undivided cuddles to hoomans and Roger, while his brother chooses to when he feels like it (always playing hard to get). Like other HQ pooches, they are first to respond to a knock at the door.

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What a furbulous team! Every day is more fun with these guys around :)


love reading about the other important members of the Dogue family


What a dream team!


So great to work be part of a workplace that welcomes our furry friends to join us! 🐶😁

Hanna Bradley

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