Quiz: Uncover Your Pooch's Pawfect Valentine's Gift!

Take our quiz to discover the ideal way to pamper your furry friend on the day of love. No matter what your pup loves, we've got you covered!

Record how many 1, 2, 3 or 4s you get.

How would you describe your dog's ideal Sunday?

  1. Snacking on delicious dog treats.
  2. Playing indoors.
  3. Enjoying pampering sessions.
  4. Embarking on an outdoor adventure. 
How would you describe your dog?
  1. Food-obsessed.
  2. Playful and always up for fun doggy activities.
  3. Pawsitively put together, with a gorgeous appearance and scent.
  4. Outdoorsy and adventurous canine companion.
What makes your dog's tail wag the fastest?
  1. The smell of treats.
  2. The squeak of a toy.
  3. Hearing their favourite pamper accessory come out.
  4. The jingle of their harness and lead coming out. 

If your dog could choose a Valentine's Day destination, where would it be?

  1. A treat-filled paradise.
  2. A toy wonderland.
  3. A luxury spa retreat.
  4. A nature-filled adventure destination.

Mostly 1s: Valentine’s Day Treats
Okay so your pooch LOVES a treat and we have got you sorted with the perfect selection of treats to spoil your pooch! The Golden BARKery Treat, a twin pack of Honey & Vanilla homemade dog biscuits, offers a celebration of all-natural goodness‚ÄĒa delicious way to express your love this Valentine's Day. For a delightful surprise, try¬†the treat box, featuring irresistible tastes and enticing aromas that will motivate and encourage good behaviour in your furry friend!

Mostly 2s: Valentines Toys

Spoil your pup with our delightful Valentine's dog toys! Treat your furry friend to a bottle of bubbly with our Champagne Squeaker or stimulate their mind and senses with our Enrichment Burrow Toys. Show your furry friend how much you love them this Valentine's Day with our amazing selection of dog toys!

Mostly 3s: Valentines Pampering

If you mostly got 3s on the quiz, it means your furry friend deserves some pampering on Valentine's Day. You can choose from our Beauty Range or provide a cozy bed for them. We have everything you need to make your pet feel special!

Mostly 4s: Valentines Adventures

If you mostly got 4s, then it's time for an outdoor adventure with your pup. Be prepared for anything with a pop-up bowl and add some style to your walks with DOGUE Walkwear!

Explore our online dog store for the perfect Valentine's gifts tailored to your pup's preferences. Shop treats, toys, pampering essentials, and adventure accessories to make this Valentine's Day truly special for your furry friend!

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My pup got 1s! Obviously it will be a treat filled day!


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