Transform your dog's grooming routine!

Our furry friends deserve the best care possible, and what could be better than using natural products to pamper them? These products not only enhance their grooming routine but also promote their overall well-being.


Make your at home spa a breeze with 3 simple steps. Formulated with a commitment to gentle ingredients, the Coconut Grooming Range ensures a spa-like experience for your pet while being gentle on their skin and coat. The natural properties of coconut provide a calming, moisturising, and nourishing touch, perfect for sensitive skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

Begin the grooming process by cleansing your pet's coat with a natural shampoo like the Gentle Coconut Shampoo, which effectively removes dirt and impurities while preserving essential oils, leaving a delightful coconut scent.

Step 2: Moisturise

Continue the routine by applying the Gentle Coconut Conditioner, a hydrating formula enriched with nourishing elements that not only detangle and soften but also promote a shiny and manageable coat, making grooming an effortless task.

Step 3: Refresh

Complete the grooming ritual with the Gentle Coconut Cologne, imparting a refreshing and long-lasting coconut fragrance that keeps your furry companion smelling divine between baths.


Sometimes bath time is a bit much ‚Äď we get it! That is why a Waterless Shampoo is an excellent option.

A Waterless Shampoo is perfect for pets averse to traditional baths or when time is limited. Ideal for spot cleaning and refreshing your pet's coat between baths, the rosemary and chamomile infusion cleanses and hydrates, keeping your pet's skin nourished. The easy-to-use foam formula makes grooming a breeze; apply, massage, wait for it to dry, and brush out ‚Äď easy!


Your beauty products do not need to be restricted to bath time, there are also on-the-go solutions for every situation. Just put them in your purse (or even a hooman walk bag).

Repair Balm

The DOGUE Repair Balm, formulated with organic beeswax and essential oils, provides targeted relief for cracked paw pads and dry noses due to outdoor adventures or changing weather conditions. Packed in an on-the-go tin, it's a natural solution for soothing and repairing, ensuring your pet experiences nature's healing touch without harsh chemicals.

Neem Spray

The classic DOGUE Signature Neem Spray is a the go-to solution for maintaining your dog's healthy, itch-free skin. Enriched with Neem Oil and Sandalwood, this spray offers soothing relief for skin issues, ensuring a happy and healthy pup with just one quick spray. For the full experience, pair it with the Neem Conditioner and Shampoo.

With our unbeatable quality, natural ingredients, and easy-to-use formulas, these grooming products are the perfect choice for any pet owner who wants the best for their pup. Learn about our the natural ingredients that ensure a clean, healthier coat from head to tail.

  • Aloe Vera isn't just for humans! It can also alleviate skin irritations, itching, and redness in dogs. Opt for products like our Coconut Grooming Collection for a calming and healing bath experience.
  • Chamomile, a gentle herb with anti-inflammatory properties, is a game-changer for dogs with sensitive skin. Find it in the Waterless Foam Shampoo and Coconut Cologne for a soft, healthy coat.
  • Beeswax has a natural protective barrier, locking in moisture, preventing dryness and enhancing your dog's fur with a subtle sheen. Choose grooming products like Repair Balm for holistic care.
  • Beyond its tropical appeal, coconut is a natural moisturizer. Choose coconut-based products like the Coconut Range to maintain a healthy, vibrant coat.
  • Infused with health benefits, rosemary provides antioxidant properties that support skin and coat health. Try the Waterless Foam Shampoo for a touch of herbal elegance during pampering.
  • Incorporate Neem Oil through the trusted DOGUE Neem Range to promote a healthy skin condition and help to protect against fleas, ticks, mange mites and biting insects.

Go forth, get pampering, and see the difference these products will bring your pooch. After all, a happy dog is a healthy dog!

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