5 Tips To Beat The Heat - Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

5 Tips To Beat The Heat - Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

The summer is going to be a scorcher for us fur-coated friends, so help us keep cool and comfortable with these 5 tips to beat the heat.

Stay Hydrated

Stay HydratedKeep in mind that darker coats absorb more heat than lighter coats and overweight dogs are at higher risk for dehydration in the summer months. Always have fresh, cool water available for us to lap up when needed. If we happen to be out and about keep a Pop Up Portable dog bowl attached to our lead at all times to keep us happy and hydrated, wherever we may be!

Tip: Pour chicken stock into the Pop Up Dog bowl and freeze for a delicious and cooling treat! Also try our frozen fruit treat recipe!

Us mutts can’t sweat so make sure you watch for signs of dehydration. If we are overheated we will drool excessively, become lethargic and when you lift our skin it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place. If you think we might be suffering from heat stroke move us to a shady area, apply ice packs or cold towels to our head, neck and chest and let us drink small amounts of cool water – take us directly to the local vet.

Stay Cool and have watery fun

Stay Cool and have watery funIt’s best for us to stay indoors during the day, if we're an outdoor mutt make sure there is plenty of shade for us to hide from the sun and we have plenty of fresh water available. Dogs cool from the bottom up so leaving wet towels around will help us cool down and relax, you can also spray our paws and our stomach to cool us quickly! For us pups that really feel the heat, try the SCREAM Cool Pads – they automatically start cooling with pressure (when you stand or lie down on it) and will instantly reduce body temperature.

An easy way to keep us cool this summer is by heading to your local dog beach for a swim and a play! Have some fun in the sun by playing fetch ‘beach style’ with a toy that floats, like the Rover Pet Products Training Dummy!

Limit exercise on hot days

Limit exercise on hot days Us mutts can overheat quickly so take care when exercising us in the summer. It is important to adjust the intensity and duration depending on the temperature. Try taking us for walks in the early morning or the late afternoon and avoid the hot midday sun.

Whilst sometimes it may appear that our paws are tough as nails, it's not exactly the case. We too can burn our paws walking on hot surfaces such as concrete or sand just as you would going barefoot.

Watch out for sunburn!

Watch out for sunburn!Did you know that us dogs can get sunburnt too? If your dog loves to hang out in the sun or go down to the beach for a swim, keep us trendy, protected and let us paw-trol the beaches in our very own Life Saver get up.

Pop a bit of dog sunscreen onto the top of our snouts and the back of our ears, especially if we have a light complexion. For those of us who are short-haired and bald, it’s best to keep us covered in protective clothing and sunscreen whenever we are outside in the summer sun.

Remember to NEVER leave us unattended in a parked car! On a hot day, the temperature inside a car can reach extremely high temperatures in a matter of minutes.

Book in for a haircut!Book in for a haircut!

Get rid of that thick winter coat and book in to your local DOGUE for a summer cut. We may feel a little nude at first but it will help us cool off during summer’s heat.

With these five tips to beat the heat your're sure to have a barktastic summer!
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