Our Guide to Getting a New Puppy | Bow Wow Meow

Our Guide to Getting a New Puppy | Bow Wow Meow

Are you looking to add a new puppy to your life?

If you have already decided which breed is right for you, the next thing to decide on is the best place to pick up your pooch. While there are many options, you should be informed on which are the best for you and your new furry best friend.

Responsibility is a major part of being a great dog-parent, and this begins with knowing the proper place to get your new pet. It is extremely important to ensure that you are getting your new pup from a trustworthy source that you know will be reliable throughout the entire process. The general places available for pet adoption include:

  • Breeders

  • Rescue and animal welfare organisations

  • Classified ads or online

Professional Breeders

The dog breeding industry in Australia is massive and continuing to grow, with differing and limited rules and regulations depending on your location. This means that most people who are breeding and selling dogs could call themselves ‘professional breeders.’ A responsible breeder should be breeding their dogs for the love of that breed and will ensure that the best care is taken in finding the most suitable pup for you. Responsible breeders will:


  • Breed and raise their puppies in an ethical and correct way

  • Do everything they can to make sure their puppies obtain a sound temperament

  • Follow every breed standard and expectation

  • Ensure the health and socialisation of each puppy before sending them to their new home

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Puppy Farms

Puppy farms, widely known as ‘puppy mills’ or ‘puppy factories,’ are extremely hazardous and should be avoided entirely when it comes to choosing a place to adopt a dog. These establishments are usually large-scale breeding grounds where puppies are bred to sell, and they are usually quite inhumane when it comes to the treatment of the animals. The females are essentially used as breeding machines, producing litters until they are eventually unable to produce any more, in which case they are often put down. As if the conditions aren’t alarming enough, your puppy will most likely come with varying issues and problems. These may include:

  • Insufficient socialisation at an early age - your puppy will be easily frightened, shy, hyperactive, or even aggressive.

  • Insufficient socialisation within the litter - your puppy will be socially underdeveloped, showcasing inadequate social skills around other dogs

  • Behavioural issues - n the instance that a pregnant mother is under stress or in a harsh environment, this can affect her young before they are even born. This stress carries over to the pups and continues with the mother struggling to raise them in such an inadequate environment.

Identifying a Puppy Farm

  • They sell a considerable number and/or a wide variety of breeds

  • The seller may advertise on big websites, and want to meet you somewhere public with the puppy to prevent you from seeing the conditions of their facility

  • The breeder won’t be able to tell you much about the puppy’s family history, temperament, socialisation, or parents.

Backyard Breeders

A backyard breeder is an amateur who has bred at home, usually just a one-off experience, and often with their own family pet. They may be selling puppies because they wanted to try to breed their dog or because it has accidentally mated with another. This sometimes results in lovely dogs, but it can also turn out the opposite way. These breeders do not have the proper environment, experience, or licensing, no matter how good their intentions might be. These are some things you should consider before you choose to go through with these kinds of breeders.

So What Are Some Reliable Options to Choose From?

Ask the experts

  • Most breeds have clubs that can be easily accessed online. These are suitable places to find reliable breeders as well as to find out more about the breed itself.

  • Vets, groomers, and trainers are also knowledgeable sources on this subject

Talk to a rescue organisation such as RSPCA

  • Although dense family history is rarely known in these situations, adoption is a fantastic way to give dogs a second chance in a great home, especially through trusted organisations who only want the best for the animals, such as RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, or Fetching Dogs.

To Summarise

While there are a multitude of options for adopting your new best friend, you should be educated and aware of the reliable and safest, most humane places to do so for you and your puppy. Ask questions, be totally ready, and put in the research before making this big decision.

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