Australia's Best Dog-Friendly Walks

Australia's Best Dog-Friendly Walks

Do you and your furry friend enjoy walking together, seeing beautiful sights, and experiencing the best nature Australia has to offer? If so, you've come to the right place! Keep reading to find out all about the best walks are for you and your pup to enjoy together.


Abraham Bosom Track (9km, Moderate Difficulty, Leash Required)

Abraham Bosom Track is a great walk for beach lovers, featuring plenty of panoramic ocean views and beach stops for some puppy playtime in the water! There's even a pup-friendly walk down to see the shipwrecked S.S. Merimbula. There are multiple trails to choose from depending on what interests you and Fido most! You should take this walk if you want to see some of the most remote dog-friendly beaches Sydney has to offer.

 Minnehaha Falls (1.5km return, Moderate Difficulty, Leash Required)

Minnehaha Falls is perfect for our nature-obsessed furry companions. Located in Katoomba, Fido can really let loose in these dirt paths, waterfalls, and natural pools the track has to offer. The walk is short but also steep, so you may want to consider getting in the water yourself or even taking a ride on the rope swing while your pal plays in the watering hole!

Narrabeen Lagoon Bush Trail (8.4km Return, Easy Difficulty, Leash Required)

This track is great for anyone interested in cycling, jogging, or just a leisurely flat walk. It features thriving bushlands, a beautiful lake, and plenty of birds for chasing (1/3 of Sydney's bird species live here)! The scenic views are beautiful and relaxing, and the two of you can even take a dip in the lake afterwards should you work up a sweat!

Clovelly to Maroubra (7km, Easy Difficulty, Leash Required With Some Off-Leash Spots)

The clovelly to Maroubra walk is quite popular for pups, which makes it a great place for you and your furry buddy to make friends! if that isn't enough to draw you in, the beach stops at Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee, and Gordon's Bay should. This track also features loads of off-leash spots for Fido to play in and make lots of new friends!

Two Creeks Track (6.1km, Moderate Difficulty, Leash Required)

This walk was practically made for dogs, showcasing heaps of rocky waterfalls and grassy clearings, such as Echo Point Park (so much to sniff)! The two of you will also enjoy the spectacular sandstone caves and heritage works along the way. There's even a picnic area if anyone wants to stop for lunch or a treat.


McCrae Beach Walk (4.18 km, Moderate Difficulty, Leash Required With Some Off-Leash Spots)

If the pair of you enjoy a beautiful mix of lush inland greenery and scenic beaches, this walk is paw-fect for you! A tail-wagging time is also in store for your pooch to enjoy some off-leash time at Port Phillip Bay Beach! This track features some steep inclines and declines, so make sure your furry friend is up for the challenge!

Safety Beach Dog Friendly Walk (7.04 km, Very Easy Difficulty, Leash Required With Some Off-Leash Spots)

If you and Fido are in the mood for a laid-back and calm walk, this one can't be beat. With its coastal scenery and gorgeous beaches, Safety Beach is a great way to spend the day. It even features some off-leash spots for your pooch to get wet and sandy and make lots of friends!


Yarralumla Walk (5.2 km, Moderate Difficulty, Leash Required)

This walk is the one for our social pups! With many group walk opportunities, dog friendly cafes, and a dog park along the way, you are both sure to make some new pals! This track is also a wonderful way to experience the Westbourne Woods and Lake Burley Griffin. You can even take a short detour for a lake swim!

Watson Walk (2.5 km, Easy Difficulty, Leash Required With Ample Off-Leash Opportunities)

This track is a quiet, no-distractions walk for our chill pups. It is a perfect opportunity to explore the quaint Watson suburb, ending at the Watson shops, which include a wide variety of pet-friendly cafes and eateries for even more relaxation time.

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