Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

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We all know the struggle! The dog-licious foods and smells that fill our homes are particularly drool-worthy in the kitchen and it got me thinking... Food that’s good for my hoomans has to be good for me too right?

But when I devoured some Avocado from the kitchen bench last week and then finished off the leftovers in the bin I got dog gone sick. I just can’t help it, as soon as I smell the tempting aroma of food I go into a feeding frenzy and I can’t be stopped.

Luckily my hoomans always keep an eye on me and stop me from eating foods that aren’t good for me. They have a list that they keep in the kitchen that helps them to identify dangerous foods. Check out the list below and show your humans too.

Licks and sniffs,

The constantly hungry beagle Bon-Scott


Dangerous Foods for dogs
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