DIY Winter Dog Coat Care

DIY Winter Dog Coat Care

The chilly winter months can be harsh on your pup's coat.

We’ve come up with a few simple tips in order to keep Fido's coat healthy this winter.


Bathe regularly, but not too much

Limit bathing in Winter - as soaps and shampoos strip your furball's skin of his natural oils and cause flaky, itchy skin. Bathing once or twice a month is a good general guideline.

When your pup does need a bath, do so in warm water with a sensitive dog shampoo that is hydrating on their skin. It's important to thoroughly dry your pup afterwards to prevent skin problems such as dermatitis.  Use a towel to dry Fido as much as you can and then finish off the drying with a dryer on very low temperature.

Regular Brushing

Heating in Winter drys out your skin and it can also affect your pups! Use a soft brush on your dog’s coat to help stimulate the hair follicles and natural oil glands in the skin. Do this once a day for five minutes. It will also help improve blood circulation, prevent tangles and mats from developing, and remove dead skin cells.


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy glossy coat is nutrition. Foods that are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids are particularly good for your dogs coat. Tuna, sardines and Salmon are the way to go.. and they're delicious! Add to your dog's regular food or try our favourite food, ZiwiPeak.


It’s important to keep to your dog's grooming schedule during the winter months. During winter the cold weather drys the skin and stimulates coat growth which can cause an itchy mutt and a matted coat. Booking in for a wash and tidy will help avoid the short shave in summer. No one likes a nude pup!

Coats for protection

You can protect your pal with a sweater or coat which will prevent penetration of cold or humidity. Dogs with short, thin coats and not much body fat will require a coat during the colder weather. Brush the coat well before putting on the sweater to avoid knots.

How do you keep your pups coat healthy during winter?
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