Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions

Where Natural Medicine Meets Science

Natural Animal Solutions brings you only the best in natural pet care. The Natural Animal Solutions product range is an extensive range of natural medicines, supplements and grooming products unique to the Australian market.

Whether your pooch is suffering from dry skin, digestive issues or even separation anxiety - Natural Animal Solutions has a the holistic solution for you! Check out the range and keep your pooch happy and healthy the natural way:

Eye Clear

Eye Clear is a highly effective treatment which has been created to support the health of your pet’s eyes. Simply apply a few drops of Eye Clear according to the directions for fast, effective results. Eye Clear is a gentle formulation containing four active ingredients. The practical applicator makes it easy to use without causing undue stress. Shop here.

Calm Remedy

Calm Remedy is a pharmaceutical grade alcohol-free natural solution. Containing 100% natural ingredients and formulated for circumstances such as fireworks or loud thunderstorms. Calm is easy to use and only requires small doses. Best to use for dogs who are easily stressed or suffer from anxiety. Shop here.

Omega Oil

Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil is known to its effect against skin and joint conditions. They can also improve digestive health and support your pet’s heart, brain digestive, and liver function. In fact, Omega Oil supplements are just as beneficial to your pet’s diet as they are to our diet. Australia’s best value, high potency Omega Oil range as it uses premium quality ingredients enhance your pet’s health. Just add a low dose to your pet’s food daily. Shop here.

High Potency Vitamin C

During periods in your pet’s life when they suffer illness, a dysfunctional immune system, inadequate diet, allergies, increased physical exertion or lactating periods it may be necessary to add in a high-quality Vitamin C supplement to maintain optimal health. Containing multiple variants of Vitamin C which have been blended together to provide a huge range of benefits. High Potency Vitamin C can support skin repair, joint function, allergies, the respiratory system and the bowel while providing the best in immune response and anti-oxidant support. Shop here.

DigestaVite Plus

Feeding your pet a high quality and well-balanced diet is one of the most important decisions, DigestaVite ensures your pet remains fit and healthy. It is a great tasting, mega-complex supplement containing 48 essential vitamins, minerals, pre-biotics and anti-oxidants. It offers a huge range of benefits in one small dose. DigestaVite Plus can improve intestinal, digestive, stomach, liver, skin and coat health and will even support hair re-growth and skin complaints. Shop here.

Benefits include:

  • Maintain healthy gut bacteria for fewer and firmer stools

  • Bad breath stemming from the stomach

  • Liver detoxification

  • Added zinc for radiant skin and coat

  • Supports skin repair and hair regrowth

Dermal Cream

This dermal cream has deeply nourishing properties to assist any healing and improves conditions of your pets nose, pads, paws and elbows. It contains 10 key ingredients including the finest natural plant extracts for your pet’s skin. Dermal Cream soothes your pets sores without stinging and it may even help to avoid expensive trips to the vet! Dermal Cream is ideal for use on dry skin once or twice daily. Shop here.

Dermal Oil

Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Oil is a nourishing oil, formulated to provide fast results and provides soothing results without stinging. Dermal Oil has 4 highly concentrated ingredients. Natural Animal Solutions uses the finest natural plant extracts, this will help to protect your pet’s skin. Dermal Oil is ideal for use on dry skin conditions and can be used once or twice daily, your pooch will feel the soothing effects instantly. Shop here.

To learn more about Natural Animal Solutions, visit their website here.
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