The Paw-fect Bathing Temperature

The Paw-fect Bathing Temperature

DID YOU KNOW you should wash your pup in water that is approximately 37°C...

We tend to assume that the optimum temperature to bath our pooches in is what feels warm enough on our own skin. However water that feels warm to our touch is over 38°C, and is in fact too warm for your dog’s bath.

When the water temperature rises above 38°C, it can be uncomfortable for your dog as it increases heart rate and can put a strain on their heart especially in the old, young, and unwell. This is why it is always best to keep the water at a lukewarm temperature.


You always want to make sure that your pooch's experience in the tub is a positive one from an early age. This will ensure that bath time remains a fun and enjoyable experience for both owner and pooch, and will also assist easing them into a grooming environment.

Using natural products during a bath is always a great way to keep your pooch calm and relaxed during a bath. Homecare products like Ivory Coat's Grooming Range are packed full of soothing essential oils, which not only nourish dry skin and hair but provide a calming aroma for anxious pups. You can also check out our full Health & Beauty range here.


Be sure to chat to your local DOGUE team if you do have any queries or concerns with homecare grooming, our friendly and experienced boutique and spa staff are always happy to lend a paw.

So the next time you start running a bath for your pup, double check that water temperature and maintain a calm and positive environment for a happy and safe bath time!
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