Safety Tips for a Paw-Some Easter

Safety Tips for a Paw-Some Easter

Here are some things to consider in order to keep your furry friends safe and happy as Easter comes hippity-hopping around the corner!

Make sure the chocolate is out of sight and reach.

This one is arguably the most important rule of all! We know chocolate is irresistible, but unfortunately it is toxic for Fido. Theobromine, a compound found in cocoa used to make chocolate, is extremely harmful to dogs and even toxic at certain doses. During this time of year, calls to the pet poison control hotline increase by 200 percent due to an increase in dogs getting into chocolate. Let's reduce this number by making sure this sweet treat is only within reach of our two-legged friends, safely secured, and cleaned up properly. If you're having company over, it's also a great idea to let them know that chocolate is not allowed for the pooch.

Remember your four-legged friends when planning to travel.

Easter weekend can be an exciting time to get away on a holiday or a family visit. If you're planning a getaway for this time of year, you should ensure that Fido has a solid plan too. If you're planning on bringing your pooch, make sure that your destination is dog friendly. If you choose to travel alone, you should properly research the best and most comfortable place for your pup to stay while you are away, whether that is at a kennel or with your trusted dogsitter!

Keep track of Easter eggs.

Easter egg hunts can be a fun activity for kids and families, including their furry friends, if planned and executed properly. It is extremely important to keep track of the number and location of these eggs so that none are forgotten at the end and sniffed out by Fido later on. Many Easter eggs contain harmful substances for dogs, such as chocolate and other wrapped, sugary candies. Furthermore, the plastic eggs can cause internal damage to our pets, such as intestinal blockages. Keeping these hidden eggs in check can ensure a paw-fect way to celebrate Easter for everyone!

Choose your toys and decorations wisely.

Small toys are a common occurrence around Easter, so any of these that your pup may receive or come in contact with should be properly stored to prevent them from eating something hazardous in terms of choking and ingestion. Another thing to think about is which decorations are safest to have around your furry friend. For example, Easter grass causes a big threat to pets and can cause intestinal blockages when eaten by dogs, so something like this may not be the best to keep around Fido during Easter.

Don't go crazy with the table scraps.

It's always fun when our furry friends are able to join us for a holiday lunch or dinner, but it is important to remember that a normal snack for us can be harmful or fatal for them. Overfeeding and poisonous foods are two big factors to take into account before giving in and sharing your plate with your dogs. Some foods to avoid feeding Fido include nuts, grapes, avocados, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, blue cheese, and even bones to avoid tooth damage and splinters. If you do choose to feed your pup from the table, be sure to stay in the know regarding dog-safe people food!

Now that you know how to keep your pups safe this Easter, you're bound to have a tail-wagging time with them this holiday season!


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