The Ultimate Dog Bed Buying Guide

The Ultimate Dog Bed Buying Guide

The ultimate buying guide for dog bedsYour furry family member needs a warm, comfortable bed for the same reasons you do. A dog bed allows your pet to have his own space—a place to get a good night's sleep, relax when he is tired, or enjoy a quiet retreat when life gets too hectic.

You need to consider three important factors when buying your pups bed; your furry companion, the features you want and the types of beds available. These important steps will help you match your dog’s personality and sleeping style to the perfect bed.

Your Companion

Your Dog’s Size

Buying a bed that’s an appropriate size for your dog’s needs is critical. Be sure to measure your furry friend while they’re already in a sleeping position and add a few cm’s in order to ensure the bed you choose is comfortable and has some wiggle room.

Their Sleeping Habits

Similar to people, all dogs sleep differently. While some enjoy curling up tightly in a ball, others enjoy a little extra leg room. Observe your dog’s sleeping behaviours over a couple of nights and get an idea of what kind of sleeper your pooch is.

Their Coat Type

Your dog’s coat greatly affects their snoozing. Those with shaggy long coats will overheat and be uncomfortable when laying on plush or fur surfaces. Alternatively those with shorter hair will be more comfortable on fur or inside cave beds.

Features You Want

Easy Wash and Care

All dogs track in creepy crawlers and dirt. Ensure that your companion’s dog bed can withstand machine washing and drying.


Your dog’s bed is a feature in your home. Ensure that it suits the tone of the room, your personal style and matches your décor.


You don't need to break the bank to find a great bed for your dog that will you last you for years. While cheaper beds may seem like an easy solution, they can lack quality and features of other dog beds. Always factor the features you want into your budget and compare different dog beds that will meet your dogs needs.

Bed Types

Sided Dog Bed

These dog beds have a high back that allows your mate to feel comfortable and secure. Pups who prop their heads up or snuggle against something at night will absolutely love this sleeper.

DOGUE recommends: Snooza Dog Bed | Sorrento Buddy will leave your pup feeling safe and secure.

Sideless Dog Beds

These are traditional, pillow style dog beds. Dogs who enjoy sprawling out on the floor will love these beds because they’re flat on all sides and there’s enough room to spread out and still be comfortable.

DOGUE recommends: DOGUE Limited Edition Striped Dog Bed and Snooza Dog Bed | Classic Rectangle are perfect for the extra room your dog desires.

Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Just because your dog isn’t a puppy anymore, doesn’t mean he can’t feel like one. These dog beds provide the right amount of comfort and support for aching joints by keeping your dog off the ground with thick and comfortable support.

DOGUE recommends: The Snooza Orthobed will provide comfort to your four-legged friend.

Cave Dog Beds

If your pooch loves to sleep under bedding or inside the laundry, a cave bed is the perfect sleeper for your pup! Suitable for small to medium sized dogs and those who are prone to anxiety will find comfort and security in these great dog beds.

DOGUE recommends: The Miyow and Barkley Snuggle Pods allow you to lounge on top or snuggle inside.

No matter which bed you buy, always keep your best friend in mind. A dog bed is an investment in your dog’s happiness and overall well-being.

What are your tips for buying the ultimate dog bed?

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