Tips for grooming at home

Tips for grooming at home

Our tips for grooming your dog at home

Regular grooming is vital for dogs of all breeds. It helps them maintain a shiny, tangle-free coat, whilst allowing you to check for any skin issues. Regular grooming can also offer a one-on-one bonding experience between you and your pooch.

Find out how to keep your dog looking and feeling great (between grooming appointments) with our handy home-care grooming tips.

Coat Care

P-U! Sometimes your beloved pooch can stink a little between baths. To maintain that clean-dog smell, as well maintaining healthy coat and skin, spritz some DOGUE Signature Neem Spray. This miracle spray cools and soothes irritations, whilst acting as a natural repellent from insect bites.

Pet-specific Shampoos

If your dog’s odour reeks worse than your gym gear, then it is time for a bath! While some dogs with short coats can get away with less-frequent washing, most dogs need a regular soak. Hooman shampoos can harm a dog's coats as they disturb the ph balance of their skin. Pet-specific shampoos are designed to be gentle enough to prevent stripping the natural oils in a dog’s coat, but strong enough to get out the dirt. DOGUE Signature Neem Shampoo is an all-natural shampoo packed with organic Neem Seed Oil and Vitamin E.

Regular Brush-out
Regular brushing (3 times per week) removes excess hair from your dog’s coat and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you must deal with on your furniture, car, or your favourite Lululemon pants! It also helps distribute the natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin, keeping their coat healthy and looking its best. Our selection of slicker brushes and combs can help. 

Regular Teeth Brushing 
Make sure your dog always has something to smile about! Brushing your dog’s teeth once/twice a week is a great way to minimise dental problems like inflamed gums, bad breath, and tooth decay. Selecting the right toothbrush for your dog is important. Please note hooman toothpaste is not suitable for our dogs, the fluoride is toxic to them. There are special animal toothpastes also available.

Eyes and Ears
When it comes to grooming our dogs, their eyes and ears can often get overlooked. Cleaning both is an important way to avoid infections, relieve allergy symptoms, and keep them healthy. Maintain the overall health of your dog’s ears and eyes with our dog-friendly cleaning products.

Is it time to see the professionals?

Maintaining a regular grooming regime at home can be difficult, especially when allocating time with busy lifestyles and schedules. All DOGUE stores offer expert dog grooming services with our experienced dog stylists, ensuring that every dog is completely spoilt and leaves us happy and relaxed.





DOGUE offers essential salon-style extras including: 


Our de-shedding service removes a dog's loose undercoat hair and helps to get rid of hair that will eventually end up on furniture and clothes. This will benefit your dog in many ways, making them more comfortable and keeping their coat and skin healthy with lots of natural airflow down to the root.


Our de-matting service includes brushing, scissoring, and combing out those un-wanted knots in your dog’s coat. For dogs who have one too-many tangles, our experienced groomers will generally clip under the mats to avoid over-stressing the dog, encouraging new coat growth and increasing airflow down to the skin.

Speciality Shampoo

Some pooches need an extra special treatment to look like a prize winner! Whether they have sensitive skin allergies or need to get rid of unwanted parasites, we can cater with our range of soothing, hydrating, antiseptic and chemical alternatives. Just ask our friendly team how we can help you!

Hand Scissoring

Scissoring is an art and commonly used when creating a specific style clip or trimming dogs who experience skin sensitivity in some regions.

Teeth Brushing

No one likes stinky breath; our doggy stylists can brush your dog’s teeth and massage their gums with our special animal friendly toothpaste. Just ask our friendly team how we can help you!
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